The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller is an excellent choice for active families who typically go on numerous outings. It accommodates two children comfortably and comes equipped with safety features you’ll certainly appreciate.

The Graco brand is currently owned by Newell Rubbermaid, maker of Rubbermaid products. The company, which originally manufactured car parts, was founded in 1942 in Pennsylvania. They made their first baby-related product, an automatic baby swing, in 1982 and have been proudly manufacturing baby products ever since.

Key Features of the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Strolle

Since there is such a wide variety of strollers to choose from, purchasing one can sometimes be a daunting task. Make the decision process easier by considering the following 5 features.

  • Durable Construction
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Comfort
  • Storage Capabilities
  • Warranty

Deciding on the right stroller for your family is not an easy task. There are many models to choose from, but not all of them provide you with the convenience and ease of use that you and your children will need. I am going to help you decide whether or not this stroller is one that will meet your families needs.

Durable Construction

Let’s face it; it would be a waste of money to purchase a stroller that isn’t well made. Not only would it pose a danger to your children, it would have to be replaced within a relatively short period of time. No one wants to waste money, and risk their children’s safety, on shoddy construction.

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller is built to last from your first baby to your last. It features convenient stadium-style seating that boosts the rear seat up for a better view. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to grip and the lockable front wheels keep the stroller from moving when it is parked.

Ease of Assembly

Fortunately, there are very few complaints in regard to assembling this stroller. The majority of users state that it goes together quickly and easily. This is especially important for busy parents who need a stroller that is easy to travel with.

It’s also easy to fold with one hand. This is accomplished with the help of Mother Nature’s gravity. The Quattro tour also is 20% smaller than comparable Graco models.


The seats on the stroller are padded for comfort. So your children will remain content, even during long rides. The safety harness system is also designed with comfort in mind. It actually grows with your children and is easy enough for older kids to buckle and unbuckle themselves.

The child’s tray and cup holders are in just the right spot to provide easy access. This makes it simple for your little ones, who are old enough to feed themselves, to do so without assistance.

Storage capabilities

The stroller has a large storage basket that drops down for easy access. There are no bars or other stroller parts to get in the way and you can actually reach into the basket without disturbing your sleeping child.


Never purchase any product without a warranty of some kind. If you do, you are only asking for trouble. In the event of a problem or defect, you will be solely responsible for repair or replacement costs. There are several stroller manufacturers who do not protect a customers purchase, but fortunately this is not one of them. The Graco stroller is protected against damage.

Rest assured that this particular stroller can be returned to, if there is a problem.

What’s Included?

  • The Graco Duo Stroller
  • Cup Holder’ s
  • Parent Storage Tray
  • Storage Basket

Is There a Warranty?

Yes, this stroller is protected by a 1 year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller gets excellent reviews on and is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars at the time of writing. The majority of consumers who have purchased it have nothing but wonderful things to say about the stroller. Most satisified buyers are parents who needed a reliable stroller that was strong enough to carry two infants on a daily basis. The parents who were happy with this stroller were impressed by the durability of the stroller, roomy storage options, and fast set up process. A few comments illustrating the common customer feelings are:

  • “I especially like that I can use it many different ways.”
  • “This stroller is wonderful.”
  • “This stroller is awesome!”
  • “This stroller rocks. It was super easy to assemble.”
  • “It’s a great stroller and I highly recommend it for anyone with twins.”


As you might expect, there are some complaints about this stroller. No product can please all of the people…all of the time. However, the majority of complaints seem to revolve around the fact that the stroller is heavy and somewhat bulky. But, this can be attributed to the stroller’s sturdy construction. After a few days of ownership, many reviewers updated their comments to say the stroller was easy to push and considering the maximum weight allowance, the strollers

Pros and Cons

When reading reviews aren’t enough, your next step should be considering the pros and cons of this stroller. Hopefully, reviewing a list of pros and cons will make your decision process go much smoother.


  • Sturdy and very durable, handles bumps easily.
  • Accommodates two Graco car seats.
  • Lots of storage, when you need it the most.
  • Fully reclining rear seat, great for napping.

Some of the cons of the Quattro Tour are as follows:


  • The harness is somewhat complicated.
  • This stroller is quite heavy.
  • It is sometimes difficult to maneuver on rough terrain.
  • Sunshade in front is rather small.
  • Takes up a lot of trunk space.

In Conclusion

All things considered, the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller is an excellent choice for growing families on the go. It is extremely durable and made to last for several years…from your first child to your last.

It provides adequate storage and a comfortable ride for your precious cargo. Whether you are going across town or across the country, this stroller can handle the adventure. Consider purchasing it, today. Chances are you’ll be extremely glad you did!

If cleaning your house takes a quite lot of time, then it may often happen so that you dislike doing the work yourself with a traditional vacuum cleaner. It is for you that robot vacuum cleaners have been introduced in the market. They are not only swift and nifty but also automate the cleaning process while you relax or go on with your own work. Naturally, robot vacuums are quite a favorite amongst many homeowners and more and more people are willing to buy one very soon.

But before you actually choose a model for yourself, you will need to find out what features you would require the robot vacuum to have, for the best experience. To make it easier for you, here is a list of features/factors to consider while buying a robot vacuum:

Your requirements – Robot vacuums can be useful for a number of situations. Some people may want to avoid the heavy lifting while others may want to leave the cleaning job entirely on the robot. If you belong to the first category, any cheap model may fulfill your goals, but if you belong to the second category, you may have to shell out quite handsomely to have the best features.

Avoidance and mapping – Since robot vacuums clean on their own, they need to be really good in the avoidance and mapping technology. Only then will they be able to clean without bumping into things and maintain a set cleaning pattern.

Size of your house – Since these vacuums run on battery, they have a particular battery life, which means each can run only for a limited time at one go before needing to be plugged to the power source. So, if you live in a small house or apartment, then any ordinary robot vacuum would suit your needs. But for big houses, you need to buy a model that offers higher battery life and coverage features to ensure that your entire house is cleaned properly.

Floor type – Not all robot vacuums can work well on all types of surfaces. So, before you decide on the model, determine which areas you need to be cleaned. Depending on whether you need only carpeted areas or hardwood areas or a mix of both to be cleaned regularly, you have to make the choice of the vacuum model.

Battery life – If you have a good budget, then you can go for models that offer better battery life of upto two hours or more. Even if you are on a low budget, make sure that you do not choose a model that cannot last atleast 1 ½ hours before a recharge.

Programming – If you are planning to buy a robot vacuum to ease your life, then you may as well choose one that can be programmed as per your needs. Several models allow you to program cleaning schedules, cleaning time and much more and this can save you a lot of time.

Value for money – Some models do come with a plethora of features, but you may not need them all. So, it is important to choose a model that offers exactly what you need rather than spending more for features that you aren’t going to use at all.

Tankless water heater is the best solution for those who prefer economy over wastefulness. If you do not want to pay an arm and a leg for hot water then you have to consider buying tankless water heater.

ecosmart-eco-27-electric-tankless-water-heater-1-300x300Tankless water heaters use heating coils to heat the water as you need it. They’re more energy-efficient than a storage tank, but provide only a limited flow of hot water per minute—about 3.5 gallons.

They’re best for people who typically aren’t drawing water for more than one use at a time—running a shower and dishwasher simultaneously.

You can use tankless gas water heater is possible only in the presence of the chimney, which is incorporated in the construction of the house according to the project. Thus tankless models are best for homes that use natural gas to heat the water.

Electric instantaneous water heaters typically have multiple power stage; on each stage, the  temperature is regulated by the water flow. Models with electronic control regulate heating power in accordance with the flow and temperature of incoming water, maintaining a constant temperature of the water at the outlet.

eccotemp-l5-300x300There are instantaneous water heaters of closed and open type. Tankless heaters of the closed type can provide more outlets, while the expansion tank and the safety group are not required. Tankless water heaters of the open type can supply with hot water only one water point with a special mixer.

Today to replace the usual irons comes garment steamer. Ranking of the best models allows you to choose the optimal variant of such household appliances for the home. This device is suitable for the care of suits, dresses, shirts, coats and home textiles. With its help solve everyday problems. To purchase a device, you must understand the modifications of this household appliances.

Functional purpose
This device clean garments and home textiles. In addition to smoothing the fabric used steam disinfection of surfaces in the home and clean them from dust stubborn odors.

This tool quickly restore order in the locker room and in the house. It is easy to use and has good functionality. To choose the right device for specific needs, you can perform the work in the house, cleaned and ironed textiles for commercial purposes. When choosing the best clothes steamer guided by a number of parameters that will pick up the necessary equipment optimally. With this device you can take care not only for dresses, suits, coats and trousers. Steam provides a clean pastel linen, pillows, blankets, rugs and children's soft toys. This functional device to help maintain clothing and textiles and perfect condition.

Today housewives prefer to replace the iron with such a device, quickly and efficiently smoothing any textiles. The presence of attachments allows the processing of various fabrics.

What to look for when choosing?

url-150x150Before buying a steamer is necessary to answer a number of questions:

    the purposes for which it is acquired;
    how much work will be carried out by them;
    which cost the hostess is ready to pay for such a machine.

Only then can you move on to the technical description of the device and select the type of device.

Important: Do not confuse the steamer with a steam generator. This unit is designed for vertical smoothing products. The steam generator is similar in purpose and functionality of iron.

Pee selecting the right model, you need to pay attention to:

    the size,
    functional purpose.

On the market are hand-held and stationary steamers. Some are used only for processing underclothes things, while others are universal and can perform a large amount of work on the house.

Hand-held steamers

This inexpensive machines that are used to perform certain operations. With their help, you can:

    light curtains to steam;
    clean outer garments;
    otglazhivat suits, trousers and dresses made of light materials.

They have small dimensions and are suitable for those people who are often traveling on business trips. This device fits in a duffel bag, and will be useful for a working visit. It will help save on dry cleaning and hotel services. They can do housework.

There are instruments that are used in the trip and a kettle for heating water. This versatile small car make life easier for the trip.

But the hand-held devices can not be used in the studio for the production of fashion models, hotels or dry cleaners when have an extensive amount of work. industrial machinery and equipment should be applied in such cases.
Manual model

ruchnoy-otparivatel-150x150Constructions differ compact size and low cost. They are functional and easy to use. Such a device can take with you when you travel to the country or on a business trip to another city. Suitable hand-held machines and for domestic use.
Stationary steamers

From hand they differ in size and capacity. This equipment looks like a vacuum cleaner. He has on the body there are small wheels, so it can move freely around the room. It is a universal system which can be used for both domestic and commercial use.

The device has a flexible hose to the end of which there is a nozzle in the form of a brush or of iron, which produces vertical steaming.

The machine needs to work in large rooms. It can be moved from room to room and to steam:

    upholstered furniture,
    pastel accessories,

The device is intended for the treatment of already hanging curtains and seasoned with pastel linen. Also it can be to steam clothes.

Differ stationary machine engine power and the ability to create in the moment a certain amount of steam. Performance is considered equipment for industrial use. It is used in the hotel complexes, beauty salons and other establishments where you need to process a large amount of steam textiles.

Stationary design

Tip! To on the cloth was left wet spots necessary to warm up the soles, and then bring it to the fabric.

Budget models

An example of a gravity inexpensive steamer budget type is Polaris PGSIm treated with dresses, skirts, pants, coats, jackets and other items underclothes made of lightweight textile. Price had small, there is only one function. Buy it would any Russian family.

Another brand of economy - Endever Odyssey. It is used for the stripping of the wardrobe. Should the device is inexpensive and allows you to quickly tidy up the model of lightweight materials. Unit with a clean cloth products from foreign odors and pollution.

otparivatel-kerher-dlya-odezhdyi2-272x300-150x150Inexpensive and considered brand Maxwell MW-3704 VT. Such a machine is stripped underclothes textile items. A low price and reliability made it the market leader. This device is suitable for work on the house. The volume enclosing liquid is 200 ml, the product has a compact size. It can be used both at home and take with you on a trip.

The housing is made of plastic models, which reduces the cost and weight of the standard equipment. It can be used to take care of things at home, and take with you on a trip.
The middle segment

In this group are devices with impressive power and steam supply is stable. With their help, stripped thick Tacna, are not available to ordinary iron ironing. With their help handle suits, thick drapes and garments.

Machine otglazhivayutsya linen materials, since the intensity of steam generation from her high. Constructions of this type are designed for residential and industrial use.

Super Jet 100A is different optimal combination of price and performance. The device has a metallic iron is that increases its durability. Capacious reservoir for water vapor formation provides for a long period of time.

The design has a single mode of operation, the amount of steam was 50 ml per minute. Unit to handle any volume of space. The tank unit intervenes to 1.5 liters of water. In addition to such appliances are a large number of accessories:

    Head collars processing;
    trouser clips, simplify processing of such products.

Tip! A feature of the professional operation of devices is that you need to adapt to them. They differ from the irons. Therefore, before using study the instructions to learn the algorithm to work with such a device.

Professional models

This powerful devices that differ performance and reliability. They are calculated on the performance of work in large rooms. Floor samples are capacious water tank and work without interruption for refueling.

These machines are used in the studio, hotels, beauty salons, cleaning companies and other commercial establishments, which have to handle a lot of steam textiles.

Kitfort KT-907 is suitable for industrial applications. Also, it is being bought for home use.

It quickly heats the water. Large tank provides uninterrupted steam generation. Such equipment may be replaced by iron and any otglazhivat tissue.

This type of technique allows the right to care for delicate fabrics, such as:


It comes with a hanger on which hang the treated textile. The device processes using high temperature and humidity sheets, already spread out on the bed. With professional equipment such can improve productivity maintenance personnel in hotels. Suitable equipment of this type and for domestic use.

The car is stripped woven materials. It is easy to use, has an ergonomic design and more power. With these virtues cost of the device is available.

Another design that is popular in the professional class - Grand GM-S-205LT Master. It differs capacious reservoir for water and works without dozopravki for a long period of time. This is a professional device designed for the treatment of textiles for hotels, beauty salons, dry cleaners. As Grand Master industrial equipment is not cheap. His take on costume, fashion designers, tailors clothes, dry cleaning or individuals who need to care for expensive clothes. The machine quickly smoothes safe outfits.

Properly approached the selection of such equipment, the owner buys a functional unit at a reasonable price, by which household tasks easier.

Smoothing steam prospectively. It smoothes and cleans textiles with care of odors and pollutants, which do not iron.

Smoothies - it's not the drinkSmoothies - it's not the drink, according to most of us, a tasty, healthy, nutritious and yet low-calorie mixture (cocktail), made from a variety of food ingredients with a blender. Smoothies can be a complete substitute for lunch or dinner, depending on the products added to the mixture. With Smoothies can easily throw a couple of extra kilos in just one week, and you will not experience hunger and constant irritability. (source)

What is a smoothie and its effectiveness for weight loss.

Literally from the English «smooth» means a soft, silky, delicate. It is considered the birthplace of England, where it is widely consumed as a light snack or lunch, office workers. Smoothie is a very hearty dish, because it contains large amounts of dietary fiber, which beneficially affect the intestinal work, purifying it and improving digestion.

SmoothiesSmoothies are well digested, is not created behind a feeling of heaviness, helps to normalize metabolism, it is recommended even for those who have problems with the digestive organs. Tasty low-calorie smoothies and effectively apply in order to lose weight, fully replacing them dinner or lunch. To do this, its preparation should be used mainly fruits and vegetables (excluding calorie bananas, grapes and the like, or can receive the opposite effect), natural juices, and other low-calorie products. The desired result will be reached rather quickly and effortlessly. Puree consistency smoothies normalizes water-salt balance in the body, nourishes the necessary vitamins and minerals, promotes fast to satisfaction of hunger for a few hours, which prevents unnecessary snacking between meals. As a result, you do not pass, and a small amount of calories enables you to safely lose weight.

Smoothies can be considered a tasty alternative to mouth-watering biscuits and chocolate, which we often can not afford to refuse. By drinking this cocktail in order to lose weight it is important to know a few things. Smoothies for weight loss is desirable to have a small spoon, not drink, so the feeling of saturation comes quickly, reducing appetite. Thinner is better to use it as a replacement for lunch or dinner, or both, and more. On the smoothie diet, you can lose up to three kilograms per week. There are, of course, more stringent diet, when to eat and drink only smoothies in between the water. But this option is suitable for people who have exceptional willpower. Not everyone will stand for seven days at a cocktail party, though always different, he simply bored. Therefore, such a diet is dangerous breakdowns.

Diet smoothies should not last longer than a week, as a low-calorie cocktails do not contain the required number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are necessary to complete the work of the body.

To consolidate the results of weight loss achieved by including in the diet smoothies, you must adhere to the low-calorie food with fiber and drink plenty of clean water without gas. Also replace lunch or lunch smoothies. For the same purpose a cocktail can be used as the discharge of the day.

Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow picked just for you. Among the hundreds of brands and thousands of different products, there is one and only model that is suitable to you. But how to find it and not get lost in the gray mass of things and the vast area of online shopping? Can you solve the problem of finding the perfect balance in the goods? Is there a price-quality ratio that will satisfy the most demanding customers? Finally, we will be able to give an affirmative answer to all these questions!

We are ready to give a lot of warmth and comfort in our environment - that's the really important things in the world today. Now this problem is solved: Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow will allow you to take a fresh look at shopping and enjoy the highest level of quality. Nowhere else will you find such a balanced product components. The original design, the amazing beauty and reasonable price - these are the components of success that you can easily find in this model.

Even today, you can enjoy all the best that can be found in online stores. Do not waste your time and place the goods in the basket - after a little time, you can easily enjoy the feeling of endless comfort and relaxation. Now you know what kind of product is specially designed for you - Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow.

Playful Yoga Poses to Practice with a PartnerYoga offers lots of benefits like giving you mental peace, calmness, help with curing any disease and even healing your body, mind and soul. Yoga has always been associated as a solo practice and not many know that you can practice yoga with a partner.

In fact, partner yoga or AcroYoga (as it’s a combination of acrobatics and yoga) helps build trust between you and your partner while developing your lower-body and core strength. Here are some playful yoga poses you can try out with your partner to reap its benefits.

  1. The Bound Angle Pose is where you sit back against back with your partner while bending your knees and placing your soles together. While keeping your backs straight, one partner bends forward and the other, leans backwards with his/her back resting on her partner’s back. The position is held for a few seconds and then changed.
  1. The Double Plank requires a lot of core strength. It starts with the taller partner in a plank on the bottom with palms under shoulders, straight legs and engaged core. The top partner then faces the partner’s feet and steps across the partner’s hips.

Both palms are securely placed on the base’s ankles and then one foot is stepped at a time onto the base’s shoulders. The pose is held for 3-5 breathes and then the top partner slowly steps down, one foot at a time. If possible, the pose can be repeated vice versa.

  1. In the Temple Pose, you stand facing your partner and start folding forth at the hips to touch your partner’s hands. Keep folding forth till your forearms, elbows and hands rest against each other, hold the position for a few breaths and then return to the first position.
  1. The Breathing Pose is more meditative in manner where you sit back-to-back with your partner with legs crossed and eyes closed. As this is a ‘breathing’ pose, you breathe in while your partner breathes out and you feel your partner’s inhaling and exhaling breathing sensation. Remember, you don’t see your partner; you only feel the breathing sensation.
  1. The Double Boat is great for strengthening your core and improving balance. Sit facing each other with bent knees, soles touching together and hands placed behind you to stabilize and lift your legs to the sky. With an engaged core, lift the heart to the sky while keeping your back straight all the time. Release after holding the position for 3-5 breaths.

Playful Yoga PosesThese are a few poses you can perform with your partner the next time you perform yoga and reap its benefits!

With the various methods available today when it comes to carpet cleaning, it is highly advantageous for one to know how they perform on their own.
Let's start with the most traditional method, and that is using a carpet shampoo. The choice of shampoo should be one that creates a lot of foam. One just waits for the foam to dry, and the residue that forms attracts the dirt which can then be vacuumed. This method gives the carpet a facade of cleanliness due to the shampoo having some brighteners. (source

According this article shampooing however has a negative long term effect on the carpet in that it is left with a permanent yellow colouring.
Another way to clean a carpet is to spray it with a cleaning solution on an oscillating brush. The brush has pads underneath it which attract soil and then it is regularly rinsed to get rid of the grime. The method however is poof in that it can cause the displacement of soil from one place to another if the pads are not rinsed regularly. The brush also may weaken carpet fibers and leave visible swirls on the carpet.
According this article one of the most recommended methods of carpet cleaning is by use of steam cleaning. This is the way regarded by many as deep cleaning since it leaves no large amounts of cleaning agent or dirt. It involves a spray of water being directed at the carpet and the dirt and water is sucked up by a powerful vacuum. The vacuum needs to be powerful enough such as one mounted by a truck outside the house. This method is much safer as the dirt is sucked outside the house. To clean by steam also ensures that carpet maintains its quality over time.
Carpet cleaning has really evolver over time, with technology stepping in and providing options such as the use of a carbonating solution that actively created bubbles deep within the carpet. When these bubbles explode, they move the dirt to higher up in the carpet where it gets sucked by powerful equipment which makes surd that both the dirt and moisture leave the carpet. The method is friendly on the carpet in that the low water content means mild and mildew cannot breed. It also means that the carpet has an exceptionally short drying time of a few hours.
When choosing a carpet cleaning method, one should go for the carpet friendly one and the least time consuming one.



How to clean your boat’s carpets?How to clean your boat’s carpets? Your boat is like your home, and to some it may be there only home and who likes to live in a dirty home… no one! Your boat should be your pride and joy not only because it’s a big investment, but it also represents who you are. If you’re like me, a clean boat makes my whole ride much more enjoyable. I can sit back, relax and catch a tan without worrying about how I should’ve cleaned it.

Treat your boat like your baby, babies need a lot of love and attention; they need to be taken care of constantly. Same goes for your boat; taking care and cleaning it should be top priority when becoming a boat owner. This will also help to increase its value especially if you decide to sell or trade your boat in the future.

According this forum If you clean your boat regularly you will avoid long-term problems. I know you can’t prevent everything especially if you use your boat frequently, but you can do what’s best to maintain it. After all, it is your baby right? And I know you’ll do what it takes to keep it looking its best!

The carpet of your boat is probably the only area where it gets pretty worn out. It’s susceptible to spills, leakages, dirty feet, fish drippings, you name it-your carpet takes it all in. So can you imagine not only the look of it, but also the smell?

You should clean your boats carpet twice or three times a year this will help it to look good for years to come.

Here is a step-by-step process that can help you clean your boats carpet. 

All you will need to do this at home is: vacuum, garden hose, bucket, water, vinegar or soap, hard brush, bristle brush and sunlight.

1. Vacuum the carpet to get rid of any loose dirt before you begin. 

2. Mix in a 5-gallon bucket either vinegar & water together or dishwashing soap & water. Vinegar helps to loosen up any remaining dirt and residue.

3. Saturate the carpet thoroughly from the front of the boat to the back using a garden hose. 

4. Use a hard brush to scrub the carpet. This gets rid of all the minerals from the water and stains. 

5. Rinse the area fully. You may have to rinse the carpet a few times to make sure everything is clean.

6. Let it dry.

7. Fluff up the carpet with a bristle brush 

*If you have any remaining stains Resolve carpet cleaner will do the trick of cleaning up stains and dirt areas.

Your carpet should look as new as ever!

Are you still looking for more information?

Visit please and you will find lots of useful information