Five Point Someone has ratings and reviews. Rhea said: The first time I picked up this book, it felt like I was going to do a great thing. D. True, my engineering degree was in the dumps. True we probably pointlessly slaved in Prof. Veera’s lab mixing one type of with another all day. True, I may get . 5 Sep Written by author Chetan Bhagat, the book Five Point Someone is set in the Indian Institute Of Technology, the top engineering college in India.

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They have a five-point-something GPA out of ten, ranking near the end of their class. The ending was also more realistic. Intelligently penned, fluent story-line and a captivating simpleton thought process.

Five Point Someone

But I must say I was pretty much impress with this book. South actresses who are slated to debut in Bollywood soon. At that time the book was very, very popular since the movie was coming out and everyone wanted to know about the book as well.

Who would think that? So all that you have to do is give the monkey her banana.

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Sundeep Kishan in Indru Netru Naalai remake? Sneak out chetzn have ice-cream. Cbetan was very comfortable doing a glamorous role in Puta And the third guy has the most at stake and just wants to do well so he can get a good job and support his family, a very Indian thing to want to do.

I personally know some first time readers who refrain from reading any other books after reading this.

You must bhxgat kidding us!! Do under performers have a right to live? We drew a contract with him and it clearly mentions about the position of his credit. This wasn’t my first Chetan Bhagat novel, so I didn’t have great expectations on the language front. But this one – was a remarkable debut!

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat – review

Well, where should I begin? Time flies and it is one semester away from campus. ALOK is poorhas paralytic dadelder sister who has reached age to get married and mother who is only bread winner in the house.

He is creative with full of new ideashas ranked 91st in entrance test and loves engineering but hates the system. In fact the movie was way better.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

Someons disgusts me is the fact that some clueless youngsters even manage to relate to these books I seriously have no clue how they do that It deals with the lives of the 3 friends, whose elation on making it to one of the best engineering colleges in India is quickly deflated by the rigor and monotony of the academic work. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. I don’t think I have: Good to re-read book again. He is rich, creative and likes original ideas like Professor Veera.

Chetaj advocate professor takes the proposal to private industry proud of its quality and confident that someone will fund further study if Ryan stays beyond to work on the study at IIT.

Would he manage to get his girl as well as job?. View all 6 comments. Jason Blum was ushered out from Israel Film Festival stage over security. Punjabi stars who rocked in a cop avatar. This was my first Indian Book after reading Sidney Sheldons thriller books.