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Texas Instruments 74LS07 Buffers & Line Drivers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments . 74LS07, 74LS07 Datasheet, 74LS07 pdf, buy 74LS07, 74LS07 Hex Buffer/Driver. 74LS07, 74LS07 Hex Buffer/Driver (Open Collector), 74LSxx Low Power Schottky Series.

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So I wonder why it is often ignored? Each is paired and next to each other. Hwang Xian 7ls07, Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. It can also easily adapt to driving relays and small motors. I am just try to figure out which contexts are useful to either protect the BasicStamp or to eliminate some of the more mundane work load.

In concept, the point is that there are other driver ICs that offer interesting choices including latches and buffers that can be bidirectional.

Everyone seems to turn to the ULN as a driver for several reasons. Either way, if you burn a gate you lose the whole package. Thank you for the correction because Googling the wrong number leads nowhere.

74LS07 Datasheet(PDF) – Texas Instruments

On the one hand, I really thought the 74lx07 was always more expensive due to added features. Chris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: Comments 8 Comments sorted by Date Added Votes. But, I really want to focus on the IC packaged devices. Well, I seem to be hopeless at getting these IC numbers correct from memory. I personally feel the 74LS07 is a great protector of output pins and a good 74lls07 for LEDs, especially the newer, brighter ones.

One is that it has 8 lines in parallel. LINUX is just fine.

Sign In or Register to comment. Post Edited Beau Schwabe Parallax: It is always sunny and warm here I suspect a lot of us overlook the meaning of ‘open collector’ when we are selecting chips. But it will handle switching voltages up to 30volts and power up to 40ma. Transistors cost least but they aren’t in a DIP. Of course, if you really need power, the 2N remains even more useful.

We mostly seem to expect the BasicStamp to do everything. All things considered, I can live and thrive without Microsoft products.

74LS07 – 74LS07 Hex Buffer/Driver (Open Collector)

Since the outputs are in 3-states, are they merely redundant or can be used creatively with a BasicStamp? Kramer, did you mean ULN?

Beau Schwabe — Submicron Forensic Engineer www. And with the 74LS06, one can invert logic so that states of output cannot possibly conflict. On the other, the ULN is the easiest to wire up as the pin arrangement is quite clean.

74ld07, the ULN is the 7-output version we used to use. Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions.