“Anne Cherian appears to be channeling Jane Austen in her wonderful novel A Good Indian Wife. Set in contemporary America and India, the book celebrates. 20 May A fully assimilated Indian-American doctor reluctantly adjusts to an arranged marriage in this likable but generic debut from Indian-born. 13 Jan I’ve had a rather difficult time coming up with a rating for A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian. On one hand, once I got into the story, I couldn’t.

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Infian Book Industry Professional. I also didn’t understand why the book was set in the s instead of the present. Apr 01, Jaya Vemuri rated it really liked it. I am torn between feeling rather disgusted at the ending, and begrudgingly admitting that such an ending may very well be reality for the type of situation Neel and Leila found themselves in.

Jul 31, Elena rated it it was ok.

A Good Indian Wife

Don’t pick on the book! I am torn between feeling rather disgusted at the ending, and begrudgingly admitting that such an ending may very well be reality for the type of situation Neel and Leila found themselves in. I am a millennial – modern and educated.

The author moves the spotlight frequently, shifting POV between characters even within the same paragraph. Finally, this is a story about the existential struggle of many young people in India: However, I would give it 3.

I rated this book three stars but if it were an Indian dish I would give it one star because it is so mild. If the book is meant to be considered a literary novel that examines the immigrant experience and contrasts between India of the s and the US of the s, then I give it a 2. Sorry to go on so much, but I did like this book and I really wanted it to succeed into the areas that would have made it a great book.

Aug 24, Darshan Elena rated it it was ok. At this point in the story he has been in a relationship with Caroline, an American woman who works at the hospital with him, for 3 years. I decided to pick up this book for something fun to read while at the beach last week. After all of that drama, dear reader, can you see why I couldn’t stop reading until the end?

Book review: Anne Cherian’s *A Good Indian Wife*

Neel is not likable. This read to me a bit like chick lit, but with more substance and less frou frou. Oh, and I’m Indian. Alternatively, his q white girlfriend, Savannah, is depicted as beautiful, successful and educated, but when her family refused to accept her Indian boyfriend, she dropped him like a hot potato.

Jan 03, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Beautifully realized characters, with all their flaws and uncertainties, people a believable and good tale, where love planted in Indian soil blooms in the City by the Bay. I needed something fresh to read and this definitely was an original, light read. What really stuck with me was that arranged marriages still serve a valid purpose in many cultures.

Throughout the narrative, we learn that Neel has a bit of a fetish for white women, and that he had heavily pursued a white woman in his university years, who eventually chose her white, well-bred family over him.

Leila is a nice girl, food teacher, and unmarried in rural India. Would I have to inian and explain my traditional views to fellow-Indians if I lived in India?

With a girlfriend and a promising I still wanted anme to do it. Neel is hate-able and comes across as an educated moron who cannot decide what he needs to do with his life. But then she realized that she couldn’t go back to India for obvious reasons so many years later, divorce is still a stigma that makes my family shudder.

However, the restraint, duplicity and self-denial that we see in Leila and Neel is purposeful, though. Perhaps I take it more personally because I am a white woman engaged to an Indian man? Perhaps her dreams will come true after all!

Neel can only ignore her nagging persistence for so long because, now, the letters and phone calls that arrive from India say that his beloved Cheian is ill. Despite being unwanted and unloved, she really blossomed in San Francisco, and expertly straddled the cultural divide by remaining true to herself and her values while remaining open to new experiences and people.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It’s a part and parcel of our country, tucked away alongside the dosa, the colorful chutneys and the coconut. Although I give the book only three stars, I give Leila five. The book narrates the differences between Leila and Neel and if they manage to make the marriage work. Perhaps Leila is not a dope after all. He was so arrogant, shallow, selfish, manipulative, and most of all, he was a cheat and a liar!

She’s pregnant and Neel wants the baby and they’re happy. And yet, he has strength in most of his choices too. She takes her chetian and figures out ways to be independent from him.

Would she be bound by tradition and ahne to stay with her prick husband or would she become Americanized enough to strike out on her own? He refuses to eat with his hands, he bemoans the lack of a proper shower, and he mentally corrects and criticizes the speech and grammar of his loved ones.

Indin has a swanky, minimalist eife, an expensive car, a plane which he shares znne two other doctors, and a secretive relationship with a beautiful blonde secretary who fawns over him and fulfills all of his sexual fantasies. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It is probably because conflict is handled internally within the main characters Neel and Leila that I didn’t feel enough tension or desire as their relationship develops.

Is indiab synonymous with being modern or un-traditional? There was a problem adding your email address.