“Anne Cherian appears to be channeling Jane Austen in her wonderful novel A Good Indian Wife. Set in contemporary America and India, the book celebrates. 20 May A fully assimilated Indian-American doctor reluctantly adjusts to an arranged marriage in this likable but generic debut from Indian-born. 13 Jan I’ve had a rather difficult time coming up with a rating for A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian. On one hand, once I got into the story, I couldn’t.

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Jan 06, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: Why doe It is funny how in India one can be so easily categorized: Throughout the narrative, we learn that Neel has a bit of a fetish for white women, and that tood had heavily pursued a white woman in his university years, who eventually chose her white, well-bred family over him. Why is it then, that after having the word ‘America’ associated with them does one lose any of this?

His repeated lies to this woman whom he did not want to marry but who did her best to be a good wife were reprehensible.

A Good Indian Wife

I almost believed Neel, but not enough in the end. When they arrive home he leaves his new bride in his apartment alone while he goes to see Caroline with the full intention of continuing a sexual relationship with her. Perhaps her dreams will come true after all!

Then, something astonishing happens. He was so arrogant, shallow, selfish, manipulative, and most of all, he was a cheat and a liar!

A Good Indian Wife | W. W. Norton & Company

Norton Company first published On the other hand, character development was inconsistent, the portrayal of white women in the United States was disgustingly unfair, the portrayal of Indian men in the United States was, at times, stereotypical, and the ending was reminiscent of wite sad trombone that plays when someone loses on a game show — wah, wah, wahhhhhh.

When he initially returns to India, he does so with a superiority complex, looking at everything through his Americanized eyes. This book was a cherkan to read. We also learn that tall blonde American women either come from money or are money grubbing, and either way they likely come from racist families who cannot bear to see a white woman married to someone of Indian descent.

But is it all too little, too late? I still wanted her to do it. However, I did like the little snippets into Oona’s thoughts, the frustration when she realizes that she will never know Indian tradition like an Chsrian woman does. Well, if the author had managed time a bit more precisely and presented the s India as a world on the edge of big change as we now in hindsight know it wasthe reader could have felt more inidan both the ambivalence of Neel’s wanting to escape traditional India and Leila’s willingness to straddle both cultures.

The Girl in Room Chetan Bhagat. You will be crying for more books by annd author and you won’t be disappointed.

Return to Book Page. The only interesting character is the bride; the rest are formulaic and dull.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. We see lovely Leila still living with her parents at the age of 30 and teaching English in a local school in India.

The book almost gave me a depression. Many particular moments weaved together into a seemingly-unlikely but true-ish story arc. This review wifr been hidden because it contains spoilers.

We Americans still find them strange and someone old-fashioned, but for a culture who wants to preserve its history and culture, it works. I was expecting redemption, but even his attempt at that falls flat. Both are front and idian in this book. This book is a boring masala of tropes and traditions: I think after being cheran a relationship for 3 years that her desire to get married is a reasonable expectation.

His new wife is past her prime for arranged marriages, is naive about anything to do with any aspect of a rel A Indian emigrant naturalized as a U. Neel is not likable. When Leila becomes pregnant Neel gets angry with her for not having been on birth control despite being a virgin from a highly conservative family and culture.