Subtle Is the Lord has ratings and 29 reviews. Manny said: In this extremely impressive book, Abraham Pais, himself a good physicist who knew Einst. In this new major work Abraham Pais, himself an eminent physicist who Subtle is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein: The Science and the. The APS now gives out an Abraham Pais Prize for History of Physics, idea of how influential his work was, in particular “Subtle Is the Lord.

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‘Subtle is the Lord … ‘: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein

Want to Read saving…. Determination When Einstein encountered a problem, he didn’t drop it until he solved it.

Facts on File Inc. I was looking forward to reading about his involvement in the development of the atom bomb, but came to learn that lod he did was write a letter urging the US to get to work on it.

When the Nazis began the forced relocation of Dutch Jewshe went into hiding, but was later arrested and saved only by the end of the war.

Retrieved 17 July His Life and Dreams. OK, you probably need to be a physicist or a mathematician to really understand the technical detail, because this is quite definitely a history of the intellectual development of Einstein rather than a personal biography. I’m glad that Pias did not shy away from outlining the technical details of the half starts and final conclusions of the subjects of Einsteins study. This one led to the Nobel Prize and was completed on March It talks about his work on Brownian Motion, his work on the Photoelectric Effect, Special and General Relativity and many of the other things that he had a hand in.

Iis major theme of his book is to answer the question of why, af Originally published on my blog here in June Very nice, very detailled, very informative.

‘Subtle is the Lord ‘: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein – IOPscience

The most interesting and counter-intuitive aspect of Pais’ book his argument that Einstein’s work on quantum physics was his most radical and important contribution to physics, and hence that his Nobel Prize was actually, if unintentionally, given for his most important work.

Apr 12, Ashish Jaituni rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 24 comments. Via Twitter, Michael Barton is looking for some good books about physics. Other editions – View all Zubtle is the Lord: Today in Science Pais was forced into hiding before subtl could leave the Sublte. The chapters are exhaustively references, but Pais mostly uses a slightly unusual citation format to refer to references for each individual chapter, except for a few chapter where he uses a different system.

I did not care for some aspeccts of Pais’ writing style, and I would have prefered a “popular” introduction to or summary of each concept. I could more or less follow the sections on statistical physics and special relativity, but the chapters on general relativity were a hard slog– my only exposure to the math of the theory being a long-ago undergrad course on cosmology, the equations didn’t really mean much, and I could only just follow the thread of their development.

Dec 22, Peterajohnson59yahoo. For a long time and even today it is considered to be among the best biographies of Subrle.

Originally published on my blog here in June The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein: Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize. News about the ths fate is eagerly awaited at this time. The light-quantum and the Photoelectric Effect.

Superunification, the union of all four forces, is the major goal. Views Read Edit View history.

“Subtle Is the Lord” by Abraham Pais | ScienceBlogs

During his student years Pais had been involved in the Zionist movementthrough which he became acquainted with Trusha Tirtsah van Amerongen and Tina Tineke Strobosand developed a close friendship with these two women and their families.

For the next 25 years he worked on elementary particle theory with a primary interest in quantum field theory and symmetry. I turned to “Einstein’s Cosmos” by Kaku, which is perfect for the layperson. In this extremely impressive book, Abraham Pais, himself a good physicist who knew Einstein personally, sets out to write a comprehensive biography of the greatest scientist of modern times. Refresh and try again.

Abraham Pais

When the Germans began forcing the Dutch Jews into a ghetto in the old Jewish quarter of Amsterdamhis sister Annie and her husband Hermann complied. Distraction Though as a younger man, Einstein eschewed teaching duties and did his best to free himself of distractions from his physics, in hist later years beginning in the she devoted a great deal of ks to politics particularly pacifism and Zionismfundraising, and administrative work pertaining to various universities and societies and generally relinquished his style of intellectual focus and isolation.

Deslongchamp’s eight step synthesis: Such a theory he foresaw, should be of simplistic structure being pregnant with all the attributes of our reality that we perceive. Far more respectful of science – and the scientifically interested reader – than any of the other more superficial biographies of Einstein I’ve read His Life and Universe are the 3 works anybody interested in a seminal period in science history should possess.

American Journal of Physics. She arranged hiding places for Pais and other Jews in Amsterdam. After a month of interrogation by the Gestapo, Pais was released several days before the end of the war.