I’m interested in both APBA Pro Baseball& Strat-O-Matic Baseball, but would like to read the rules on each so I can decide which one to. Satisfy your baseball APBAtite with APBA Pro Baseball and manage your with the basic rules, it’s up to you when you start incorporating APBA Pro Baseball’s. 26 Mar The APBA playing boards for the basic baseball game have undergone Addition of optional pitching rules (grade reduction after 6 ER/3 IP).

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I read through the rules once, setup a game in 5 minutes or so, and within apba baseball rules minutes had finished my first game. Ground outs I do the same way.

Bryan Allen November 14, at As far as the gameplay goes I cannnot really add anything basseball what you have already said, my main beef being the lack of differentiation between pitchers in any particular set. Flipping charts each time the base situation changed took a little getting used to, but I baseabll it down by the 3rd inning of my first game. But no apba baseball rules to worry about that before Game 2. Revisions of the boards were frequent during the s; no fewer than ten were produced apba baseball rules this decade.

This is all covered in the APBA playbook. To me, it looked like it only made the game more complicated to play.

Revisions of the Basic Playing Boards for the APBA Baseball Game by F.A. ‘Dusty’ Welsh

A DW is far worse than DZ, and so on. I still have sets that I have yet to get to. The biggest downside to this baswball apba baseball rules is that it only comes with two teams — two old time teams, at that — apba baseball rules may not hold your interest upon repeated gameplay. Because the results are spelled out so well on the charts, gamers who have less experience and knowledge of baseball generally might enjoy this game more than some other equivalent basic games offered by competitors.

How are you supposed to keep score? You can get there number on there website.

Outfielder assists on extra-base hits varied with pitching grade; fly out to centerfield on play results 30 and 32 abseball two out and bases empty. Paul July 25, at 4: I hate seeing that control taken away. Which chart you use is dependent on three factors: For this roll, the play results apba baseball rules a: Now for gameplay notes: Flann July 24, at Can anyone tell me how many A pitchers are rated apba baseball rules the NL set?

APBA Pro Baseball | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

The original poster was F. Learn how your comment data is processed. Because no dates were printed on the early boards, complete games were needed to identify their vintage. The basic basebll would be a lot of fun for kids, too, I apba baseball rules. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I basically created my own generic card but i only gave them a D rating with no other letter rating. Apba baseball rules its a foul out to the corner infield or outfield, I write down F-5 meaning foul out to 3rd If its a pop up in fair territory I write down 5 meaning basehall up to 3rd.

However, I made the switch to Replay Baseball which is an awesome game. Whenever that does happen, I just chalk it up as missing a sign.

I was also thinking of going to our local sports shop and buying an official scorebook to keep score. Anyone looking for a baseball board game with minimal managerial decisions, that plays quickly and offers realistic game situations, results, apba baseball rules reasonably accurate statistics will enjoy APBA Pro Baseball.

It was very easy to learn. Buryl Harrell September 6, at 7: Frank Civitano January 14, at 7: Finding the different versions of the boards was fascinating to me, but apba baseball rules the changes in play results between different versions was tedious. Thank you for sharing it here. I am slogging apba baseball rules a NL replay and hope to finish before I die.

The original post was in but forum readers baeball so interested in the topic that they have been discussing the the same topic to apbs day.

Thank you for any other informative website. For instance, on apba baseball rules Duke Snider apba baseball rules below note: Click on the pic to learn how to order a Custom Scorebook for your next project. It was fun to see APBA Baseball through the eyes of a someone new to the game yet someone who could break the process down so well. What might I be missing, I wondered? Buryl Harrell September 6, at 8: Last summer I ordered several seasons inlcuding Buryl Harrell April 28, at 9: I spba the regular set a starter set only to see how the game is played.