Find great deals for Audison VR XR 4-channel Amplifier (audison Elettromedia). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Back to , Audison VR XR 4 channels amplifier with built in crossover is a champion of sound and versatility. Did you remember it? Press. Results 1 – 50 Valuation Report for Used VR Power Amplifier by Audison Usa, Inc. (Specs: 4 # of Channels, 80 x 4 @ 4, MOSFET Power Supply).

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Home About History History. For cr404 first time, high-efficiency speakers for in-car application are designed and built, offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy quality music at high dynamics also with low power systems.

Audison VR404

These cookies are known as persistent and their duration is set by the server at the time of their creation. The Audison Cable series, the first high-quality cable and connection accessories manufactured in Europe, is introduced. Audison Prima With the totally new Prima range, Audison wants to meet the interest of the enthusiasts who like audiison appreciate all the nuances of the musical vr04 with components that are perfectly integrated in the OEM system of the car. In case of communication of sensitive data, the person concerned shall permit the use of it.

VR and LR lines are launched in the market in the same year. Audison introduces bit Tune, a revolutionary system allowing the automatic calibration for the Audison products featuring DSP functions, providing rapidly top-notch performance. With regard to this, pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the European Regulation No.

Exercise of the rights of the interested party If audieon so wished, you audiosn exercise your rights in accordance with Articles no. In some cases there is fixed a deadline, in other cases the duration is unlimited. Please refer to the following links for more information: Audoson information about cookies: The bet about which transistor, Mosfet or bi-polar, provides better sound has started.

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A new Audison product is destined to change the perception of vvr404 audio systems: Elettromedia celebrates 20 years of activity. After a few years of studying and experimenting, inwith the construction of the first amplifier, HP audisoh, Audison has been born, its name coming from the fusion of the latin words audio and sonus. These cookies, even without identifying the user, allow, for example, to detect if the same user returns to connect at different times.

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Here is the archive of all our Audison tech sheets. The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web audoson. Privacy Policy The personal data you voluntarily provided will be handled using IT and telematic procedures.


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This Audison technology ensures every installer maximum freedom, to best express their own idea about car audio systems, and every enthusiast the possibility to achieve audisson in their own listening experiences. Vr4044 among the most renowned car audio experts in the world coming from Japan, Germany and Italy meet up in the seventh-century theater in Potenza Picena to be part of the exclusive listening group. Elettromedia adds amplifiers to the Voce speakers ; for the first time, three products from the same product line and for three years in a row are awarded the prestigious EISA award.

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Check our Privacy Policy page. Once again from the outside comes the confirmation that innovation, understood as a culture for creativity, is a key strategic asset for Elettromedia.

This breakthrough provides pure digital signal transfer from the source, through the processor into the amplifiers; the digital to analog conversion occurring just once, at the first stage of the amplifier.

The user can decide whether to accept cookies using the settings on your browser. A big project, the craziest bet in the world: An exceptionally stimulating, full of resources habitat, for a reality made of music, tradition and electronics.

Audison VR404 4ch Amplifier AM07076

Click here for an overview of privacy of Google. With the introduction of the Hertz brand, Elettromedia gives voice to amplifiers, becoming protagonist in the speaker field. A path marked by a dizzying growth that the founding members decide to celebrate with those who made all of this possible: The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites operated by third parties. They are widely used to allow the functioning of websites and applications, or to improve their functioning, or to gather information on user behavior on the website and the use of services.

Thanks to Audison, it is possible to enjoy an audio system free from the limitations and signal alterations of a traditional analog system. This information is used to compile reports and help us improve the site.