Linksammlung zu Backgammon: Int. Backgammonregeln, Backgammon spielen per Internet, Rules of Backgammon (Spielregeln auf Englisch) · Weltweite. Das Ziel des Spieles ist es, seine ganzen Steine ins eigene Ziel zu bringen, bevor es der Gegner schafft. Tric Trac ist eine französische Backgammon-Variante. Tric-Trac-Spieler ( Jh.) Tric-Trac-Spieler ( Jh.) Inhaltsverzeichnis. [Verbergen]. 1 Spielziel; 2.

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The original doubler has the option of accepting or refusing as with a normal double. Backgammon is a game for two players, played on a board consisting of twenty-four narrow triangles called points.

Here you will find settings backgammon spielregeln playing with real money backagmmon virtual GameChips. When creating your table, remember about two important things. The checkers are always moved forward, to a backgammon spielregeln point.

If a player rolls before his opponent has completed his turn by picking up the backgammon spielregeln, the player’s roll is voided. For example, if a player rolls 4 and 6, he may enter a checker onto either the opponent’s four point or six point, so long as the prospective point is not occupied backgammon spielregeln two or more of the opponent’s checkers. That player will spielregen be able to start a private chat with you or invite you to play a game, also you backgammon spielregeln see what ignored player writes on the main lobby.

The player must reroll both dice bckgammon a die lands outside the right-hand board, or lands on a checker, or does not land flat. When a player backgammon spielregeln doubled, he may immediately redouble beaver while retaining possession of the cube.

Backgammon Rules

Game with time limits are faster and harder. The following rules apply: Pick button and you will find window with detailed settings of backgammon spielregeln new Table: At the end, spielrdgeln or not watchers and guests to enter or access chat. Now define do you want create table for automatically backgammon spielregeln games with random or entering players QuickStart!

Once a player has moved all of his fifteen checkers into his home board, he may commence bearing spieldegeln. Creating your table When creating your table, remember about two important things. Each game starts at one point. The Center is reserved backgammon spielregeln Tables, bottom for Chat and right column is for Room informations.

Backgammon spielregeln

Table with games whose result will affect the Rating of the players. Rated Game Game result spielregelh affect player Rating Learn how to play on backgammon spielregeln with unrated games You can organise your tables list: Decide if you want to give your opponent possibility backgxmmon return to game after disconnection.

Backgammkn home and outer boards are separated from each other by a ridge down backgammon spielregeln center of the backgammon spielregeln called the bar. After launching the application you will encounter main Backgsmmon window. After the first roll, the players throw two dice and alternate turns. A player is under no obligation to bear off if he can make an otherwise legal move.

He may do this only backgammon spielregeln the start of his own turn and before he has rolled the epielregeln. The doubling cube is turned to backgammon spielregeln and remains in the middle. Lets have a look at what you can find out about each table: Getting Backgammon spielregeln You can start the game in two ways: Backgammon spielregeln, worse, if the loser has not borne off any of his checkers and still has a checker on the bar or in the winner’s home board, he is backgammoned and loses three times the value of the doubling cube.

If White rolls with a checker on the bar, he must enter the checker onto Red’s four point since Red’s six point is not open.


The following optional rules are in widespread use. Secondly, choose your Table settings wisely, because You won’t be able to change them in another way than by creating it again from backgammon spielregeln beginning.

Every player has a Rating which is based on the number of games backgammon spielregeln, number backgammon spielregeln games won vs. In Chat window you can see what other players wites to main Lobby of the particular room.

Backgammon spielregeln regeln

If a checker is hit during backgammon spielregeln bear-off process, the player must bring that checker back to his home board before backgammon spielregeln to bear off. Tables list Tables backgammoj organized in a list, showed in the top-center area of game window. Player Profile Opens small window with Player Profile informations. Red’s checkers move in the opposite direction. First of all, some of settings may be forced by Room options and you won’t be able to change backgammon spielregeln described options will be faded out then.

After the last of backgammon spielregeln player’s checkers has been entered, any unused numbers on the dice must be played, by moving either the checker that was entered or a different checker. This determines both backgammon spielregeln player to go first and the numbers to be played. At the end of the game, if the losing player has borne off at least one checker, he loses only the value showing on the doubling cube one point, if there have spielregeeln no doubles.

White rolls and bears off two checkers. Options button allows you to set some important personal game options. Bacgammon board with the checkers in their initial position. A player must have all backgammon spielregeln his active checkers in his home backgammon spielregeln in backgammon spielregeln to bear off. If there is no checker on the point indicated by the roll, the player must make a legal move using a checker on a higher-numbered point.

Below you have three tabs: A abckgammon bears off a checker by rolling a number that corresponds to the point on which the checker resides, and then removing that checker from the board.