Today to replace the usual irons comes garment steamer. Ranking of the best models allows you to choose the optimal variant of such household appliances for the home. This device is suitable for the care of suits, dresses, shirts, coats and home textiles. With its help solve everyday problems. To purchase a device, you must understand the modifications of this household appliances.

Functional purpose
This device clean garments and home textiles. In addition to smoothing the fabric used steam disinfection of surfaces in the home and clean them from dust stubborn odors.

This tool quickly restore order in the locker room and in the house. It is easy to use and has good functionality. To choose the right device for specific needs, you can perform the work in the house, cleaned and ironed textiles for commercial purposes. When choosing the best clothes steamer guided by a number of parameters that will pick up the necessary equipment optimally. With this device you can take care not only for dresses, suits, coats and trousers. Steam provides a clean pastel linen, pillows, blankets, rugs and children's soft toys. This functional device to help maintain clothing and textiles and perfect condition.

Today housewives prefer to replace the iron with such a device, quickly and efficiently smoothing any textiles. The presence of attachments allows the processing of various fabrics.

What to look for when choosing?

url-150x150Before buying a steamer is necessary to answer a number of questions:

    the purposes for which it is acquired;
    how much work will be carried out by them;
    which cost the hostess is ready to pay for such a machine.

Only then can you move on to the technical description of the device and select the type of device.

Important: Do not confuse the steamer with a steam generator. This unit is designed for vertical smoothing products. The steam generator is similar in purpose and functionality of iron.

Pee selecting the right model, you need to pay attention to:

    the size,
    functional purpose.

On the market are hand-held and stationary steamers. Some are used only for processing underclothes things, while others are universal and can perform a large amount of work on the house.

Hand-held steamers

This inexpensive machines that are used to perform certain operations. With their help, you can:

    light curtains to steam;
    clean outer garments;
    otglazhivat suits, trousers and dresses made of light materials.

They have small dimensions and are suitable for those people who are often traveling on business trips. This device fits in a duffel bag, and will be useful for a working visit. It will help save on dry cleaning and hotel services. They can do housework.

There are instruments that are used in the trip and a kettle for heating water. This versatile small car make life easier for the trip.

But the hand-held devices can not be used in the studio for the production of fashion models, hotels or dry cleaners when have an extensive amount of work. industrial machinery and equipment should be applied in such cases.
Manual model

ruchnoy-otparivatel-150x150Constructions differ compact size and low cost. They are functional and easy to use. Such a device can take with you when you travel to the country or on a business trip to another city. Suitable hand-held machines and for domestic use.
Stationary steamers

From hand they differ in size and capacity. This equipment looks like a vacuum cleaner. He has on the body there are small wheels, so it can move freely around the room. It is a universal system which can be used for both domestic and commercial use.

The device has a flexible hose to the end of which there is a nozzle in the form of a brush or of iron, which produces vertical steaming.

The machine needs to work in large rooms. It can be moved from room to room and to steam:

    upholstered furniture,
    pastel accessories,

The device is intended for the treatment of already hanging curtains and seasoned with pastel linen. Also it can be to steam clothes.

Differ stationary machine engine power and the ability to create in the moment a certain amount of steam. Performance is considered equipment for industrial use. It is used in the hotel complexes, beauty salons and other establishments where you need to process a large amount of steam textiles.

Stationary design

Tip! To on the cloth was left wet spots necessary to warm up the soles, and then bring it to the fabric.

Budget models

An example of a gravity inexpensive steamer budget type is Polaris PGSIm treated with dresses, skirts, pants, coats, jackets and other items underclothes made of lightweight textile. Price had small, there is only one function. Buy it would any Russian family.

Another brand of economy - Endever Odyssey. It is used for the stripping of the wardrobe. Should the device is inexpensive and allows you to quickly tidy up the model of lightweight materials. Unit with a clean cloth products from foreign odors and pollution.

otparivatel-kerher-dlya-odezhdyi2-272x300-150x150Inexpensive and considered brand Maxwell MW-3704 VT. Such a machine is stripped underclothes textile items. A low price and reliability made it the market leader. This device is suitable for work on the house. The volume enclosing liquid is 200 ml, the product has a compact size. It can be used both at home and take with you on a trip.

The housing is made of plastic models, which reduces the cost and weight of the standard equipment. It can be used to take care of things at home, and take with you on a trip.
The middle segment

In this group are devices with impressive power and steam supply is stable. With their help, stripped thick Tacna, are not available to ordinary iron ironing. With their help handle suits, thick drapes and garments.

Machine otglazhivayutsya linen materials, since the intensity of steam generation from her high. Constructions of this type are designed for residential and industrial use.

Super Jet 100A is different optimal combination of price and performance. The device has a metallic iron is that increases its durability. Capacious reservoir for water vapor formation provides for a long period of time.

The design has a single mode of operation, the amount of steam was 50 ml per minute. Unit to handle any volume of space. The tank unit intervenes to 1.5 liters of water. In addition to such appliances are a large number of accessories:

    Head collars processing;
    trouser clips, simplify processing of such products.

Tip! A feature of the professional operation of devices is that you need to adapt to them. They differ from the irons. Therefore, before using study the instructions to learn the algorithm to work with such a device.

Professional models

This powerful devices that differ performance and reliability. They are calculated on the performance of work in large rooms. Floor samples are capacious water tank and work without interruption for refueling.

These machines are used in the studio, hotels, beauty salons, cleaning companies and other commercial establishments, which have to handle a lot of steam textiles.

Kitfort KT-907 is suitable for industrial applications. Also, it is being bought for home use.

It quickly heats the water. Large tank provides uninterrupted steam generation. Such equipment may be replaced by iron and any otglazhivat tissue.

This type of technique allows the right to care for delicate fabrics, such as:


It comes with a hanger on which hang the treated textile. The device processes using high temperature and humidity sheets, already spread out on the bed. With professional equipment such can improve productivity maintenance personnel in hotels. Suitable equipment of this type and for domestic use.

The car is stripped woven materials. It is easy to use, has an ergonomic design and more power. With these virtues cost of the device is available.

Another design that is popular in the professional class - Grand GM-S-205LT Master. It differs capacious reservoir for water and works without dozopravki for a long period of time. This is a professional device designed for the treatment of textiles for hotels, beauty salons, dry cleaners. As Grand Master industrial equipment is not cheap. His take on costume, fashion designers, tailors clothes, dry cleaning or individuals who need to care for expensive clothes. The machine quickly smoothes safe outfits.

Properly approached the selection of such equipment, the owner buys a functional unit at a reasonable price, by which household tasks easier.

Smoothing steam prospectively. It smoothes and cleans textiles with care of odors and pollutants, which do not iron.