Weigh Loss

Smoothies - it's not the drinkSmoothies - it's not the drink, according to most of us, a tasty, healthy, nutritious and yet low-calorie mixture (cocktail), made from a variety of food ingredients with a blender. Smoothies can be a complete substitute for lunch or dinner, depending on the products added to the mixture. With Smoothies can easily throw a couple of extra kilos in just one week, and you will not experience hunger and constant irritability. (source)

What is a smoothie and its effectiveness for weight loss.

Literally from the English «smooth» means a soft, silky, delicate. It is considered the birthplace of England, where it is widely consumed as a light snack or lunch, office workers. Smoothie is a very hearty dish, because it contains large amounts of dietary fiber, which beneficially affect the intestinal work, purifying it and improving digestion.

SmoothiesSmoothies are well digested, is not created behind a feeling of heaviness, helps to normalize metabolism, it is recommended even for those who have problems with the digestive organs. Tasty low-calorie smoothies and effectively apply in order to lose weight, fully replacing them dinner or lunch. To do this, its preparation should be used mainly fruits and vegetables (excluding calorie bananas, grapes and the like, or can receive the opposite effect), natural juices, and other low-calorie products. The desired result will be reached rather quickly and effortlessly. Puree consistency smoothies normalizes water-salt balance in the body, nourishes the necessary vitamins and minerals, promotes fast to satisfaction of hunger for a few hours, which prevents unnecessary snacking between meals. As a result, you do not pass, and a small amount of calories enables you to safely lose weight.

Smoothies can be considered a tasty alternative to mouth-watering biscuits and chocolate, which we often can not afford to refuse. By drinking this cocktail in order to lose weight it is important to know a few things. Smoothies for weight loss is desirable to have a small spoon, not drink, so the feeling of saturation comes quickly, reducing appetite. Thinner is better to use it as a replacement for lunch or dinner, or both, and more. On the smoothie diet, you can lose up to three kilograms per week. There are, of course, more stringent diet, when to eat and drink only smoothies in between the water. But this option is suitable for people who have exceptional willpower. Not everyone will stand for seven days at a cocktail party, though always different, he simply bored. Therefore, such a diet is dangerous breakdowns.

Diet smoothies should not last longer than a week, as a low-calorie cocktails do not contain the required number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are necessary to complete the work of the body.

To consolidate the results of weight loss achieved by including in the diet smoothies, you must adhere to the low-calorie food with fiber and drink plenty of clean water without gas. Also replace lunch or lunch smoothies. For the same purpose a cocktail can be used as the discharge of the day.