Rudolph Hoess was Commandant of Auschwitz during the war. He was Between his trial and his execution he was ordered to write his autobiography. This is. An extraordinary and unique document: Hoess was in charge of the huge extermination camp Commandant of Auschwitz: The Autobiography of Rudolf Hoess. 20 Nov Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hoess was one of the men tried in Mr Hoess’s grandfather was Rudolf Hoess – the Nazi commandant of Auschwitz no idea of the history of the man who died 20 years before he was born.

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This book was written by the commandant of Auschwitz while he was awaiting trial and execution. He reiterates his love of animals and of his own family, and his dreams of a escaping to a quiet farmsteading life as if those personal inner feelings absolve him of his chosen SS career path and its murderous daily reality.

It consisted of a rough substance of Prussic acid.

Auschwitz commander’s grandson: Why my family call me a traitor

When in the summer of he fommandant gave me the order to prepare installations at Auschwitz where mass exterminations could take place, and personally to carry out these exterminations, I did not have the slightest idea of their scale or consequesnces. Nazi crimes against the Polish nation. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It was an order like any other. An extraordinary and unique document: The rudo,f deserves five stars because it gets you into the mind of a cruel man who can carry out cruel actions and still be able to play the martyr.

There they treated me even more roughly, especially the first British prosecutor, who was a major.

Rudolf Höss

Hoess repeatedly says he was glad to write the book. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. He was convicted and sentenced on 15 [15] or 17 May [16] to 10 years in Brandenburg Penitentiary for the crime. The site of his execution is still there — and Mr Hoess considers it the best part of the tour. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Holocaust Survivors: Bibliography – Commandant of Auschwitz: The Autobiography of Rudolf Hoess

I learned a lot about SS hierarchy, especially in regards to concentration camp administration. Failing to admit that these ppl, though truly behaved badly, were a product of his doing besides, how rudollf someone like him get to judge anyone. Inside the Gas Chambers: I understand English as it is written above.

Even Auschwitz had limits to its destructive capabilities.

This was located near the provincial Polish town of Oshweicim in Galacia. The accounts of what happened sickened me. The cremation of approximately 2, prisoners in five cremating stoves took approximately 12 hours.

Gold from teeth was melted down and sent monthly to autobuography medical department of the Waffen-SS.

I personally never shot anybody or beat anybody. Without the SS there could have been no concentration camps. View all 19 comments. The following quote is from the book entitled “Death Dealer,” edited by Steven Paskuly and first published in After a few days I was rusolf to Minden on the Weser River, which was the main interrogation center in the British zone.

Although he felt badly for killing innocent men, women, and children by the millions he was so steeped in the Nazi ideology of following every order of the Fuhrer and eliminating Europe of the “parasitic” Jews that he he seemed to have learned to shove aside and bury his deepest concerns and fears in life.

His unapologetic and banal detailing of events unwittingly makes for a crucial historical primary source. During the first interrogation they beat me to obtain evidence. Reading this book is very scary and upsetting.

I caused unspeakable suffering for the Polish people in particular. May the Lord God forgive one day what Hess have done.

Rudolf Höss – Wikiquote

When the fire had started properly, more bodies were thrown on to it. Occasionally he will display glimpses of borderline concern for the prisoners but this was obviously not his main concern. The SS doctors killed such prisoners by injections of benzene.

Rudolph Hoess was a regular guy he went to war fighting for the rights of his country like many. I feel that we carried out the orders in a moral fashion, and the orders of destroying the village, of killing the people in the village, and I feel we did autobiobraphy violate any moral standards.