Crokinole rules, scoring, setup and even optional rules compiled and composed by Crokinole Depot. Rules of Crokinole. For Competitive Play. Basic Rules of Play. 1) Getting Ready a ) Aplayerorteam’sinitial orderofplay,colourofdiscs,andseatingposition,shall. OFFICIAL CROKINOLE RULES **All participants are encouraged to read these rules carefully. Playing Guidelines The object of the game is to shoot your disc.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Before shooting a player must wait until all motion of the discs from the previous turn has ceased. A shot that goes off the playing surface and bounces back on is considered out of play.

Crokinole Rules

Download a sample scorecard. The person with the higher total points between all of the tied players will be placed higher. However, this can vary in tournament play. During any shot, any disc that falls completely into the recessed central “20” hole a.

If still tied, repeat shoot out from the beginning. Players take turns flicking rues discs from the outer edge of their quadrant of the board onto the playfield.

Crokinole boards are typically octagonal or round in shape. A shooting disc cannot be placed on the board until it is your turn.

World-class quality crokinole boards, handmade in Big Bay, Ontario.

The world premiere occurred at the Princess Cinema in Waterloo, Ontarioin early Begin the next round. All shots must be initiated from a flat position. The WCC also awards a prize for the top hole shooter in the qualifying round of competitive singles, recreational singles, cues singles, intermediate singles, and in the junior singles.

The NCA Tour includes both doubles and singles events. With 2 players, the player that won the round goes first.

The head-to-head tie-breaking procedure will be used. A disc that at any time leaves the perimeter of the raised playing surface is deemed to be officially out of bounds and must remain in the ditch until the end of the round. For example, the team or player rulse the black discs has a total score of Strict timing for the games must be crokinoke.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Two discs of opposite colour counting the same value, cancel each other.

Retrieved 5 April According to Carrom rules, the powder must be of high quality to keep the surface smooth and dry, and shall not be wet. List of world sports championships. The game is played to 50,or more points, as determined by all players in advance. If there still is a tie, a shoot out will be conducted.

Scorecards are handed to the opponent before the beginning of play for the game. Each player shots 8 discs, and shall alternate turns.

Sports and Games in Canadian Children’s Books. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Retrieved 17 June A round ends when all players have shot the designated number of discs.

The round will be scored by the discs on the board at that time. For example two players tie for 2 nd, they would both score 5, 3 players tie for 1 stthey would all score 6 and 4 th would get 2.

A game will be played until crokunole team scores a predetermined amount of points. The object of the game is to position shooting discs on the playing surface in such manner that they remain within the highest scoring circles by the end of the round. With 4 players, the play is progressive or clockwise. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Neither the board, nor the tules of the players may be moved during the game.