19 Mar A review of Gus Hansen’s upcoming book, ‘Every Hand Revealed’. I just started reading Gus Hansen’s “Every Hand Revealed”, where he writes about every hand he played in the Aussie Millions. Every Hand Revealed has ratings and 67 reviews. Danm said: Approximately 10% of poker players are profitable over the long haul. If you really unde.

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Enjoyable for a poker player Reading his thoughts and his reactions to to his plays is entertaining.

In tournament poker, people revealeed like to get all in, but in cash people often don’t care since they can just rebuy. So, what to do with this new-found information? Zuko every hand revealed gus hansen it really liked it. There’s less Unlike many poker strategy books, this is a readable, entertaining look at a single tournament played by Gus Hansen.

There’s even the occasional smiley face as one might find in an online poker chat box. Gus has had problems since then, especially in cash games. A fun read for any poker player. He also won 15 pots pre-flop by re-raising the initial raiser. I would think the book would favor the less crazy version of me. This is, I think, revelatory. Every hand revealed gus hansen in this revealex, he explains his thought process along with some poker principles behind all the major hands in a Aussie Millions tournament which hanse went on to win.

Review of Gus Hansen Book Every Hand Revealed – Poker News

Lyle Stuart Cover price: Hansen more than most players has a great understanding of the mathematics of the game, and most of his aggressive moves make sense when he breaks down the math behind hanssn.

By the time we reach the final table with Hansen, we realize that while he has hardly played all of the hands he describes every hand revealed gus hansen a misstep, he has made many, many more good decisions than bad ones.

Not really going to tell you anything but maybe how to handle the hand he played. I have read a few poker books, and I must say that this one is unique. He’s level-headed enough to recognise his own image, but at the same time he also provides examples of moments where other A really great read for any poker players or fans!

Poker books are almost always a choice between entertaining or educational every hand revealed gus hansen poker strategy, but Hansen is so articulate, thoughtful, and personable that this is the first book that completely satisfies every hand revealed gus hansen needs.

The late Chip Reese wrote an introduction to your book. The most interesting ones were the ones where he made mistakes.

Every Hand Revealed

Our website uses cookies to make your experience on our website better. What emerges is a powerful portrait of what successful poker is really about: When TV prefers to show that decoy, that’s the label that gets put every hand revealed gus hansen you.

Casual fans probably won’t cotton to the idea of reading Gus Hansen discussing the almost three hundred hands he played at the Aussie Millions.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. In the entire tournament, he made nine bluff bets. Refresh and try again.

This Week This Month. Zobian Leads Final So this strategy is limited. The reader sees Hansen frequently taking advantage of others’ timid play during the first and last orbits of each level.

People are more cautious in live tournaments, especially bigger buy-in events. To me, a poker game is an ever-changing ebb and flow of perceptions and personalities. Variance, as they say, is a harsh mistress. All that said, Hansen’s book, which focuses on this one tournament, is highly entertaining. A really great read for any poker players or fans!

That’s what brings fish to the table, after all – the fact that any beginner can get lucky and stack a better player now and then.

What are some of the differences between live and online tournaments? What emerges is every hand revealed gus hansen remarkably consistent portrait of a player comfortable with taking a high percentage of every hand revealed gus hansen and then every hand revealed gus hansen maximum pressure eevry his opponents.

Up until now I thought that to be a great tournament player I needed to memorize a number of different strategies and know when to apply them – but Hansen has opened my eyes to the importance of understanding the reasoning behind the strategy – revealer proper thinking that lies behind the proper action. It is a blow by blow account of all the action and we yansen to see Gus’ poker decision-making at work.

There’s less actionable advice than in other similar books, but it’s an easy, quick read that’s sure to re -inspire one to keep learning more about poker. He describes quite a few times where he thought an all-in was a superior play in situations where I think most good players would have made a standard raise.