Gnana Deepam by Swami vivekananda. likes. Book. Christ, the Messenger was a lecture delivered by Swami Vivekananda in Los Angeles, . Bibliography · Sangeet Kalpataru · Bartaman Bharat · Inspired Talks · Jnana Yoga · Karma Yoga · Lectures from Colombo to Almora · My Master · Raja . 6 Dec A devotee’s discussion with Swami Vivekananda on Historicity of Jesus Christ. These pages are extracted from Notes on Some Wanderings.

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It is in Christ that God will be manifest. This page was last edited on 21 Julyat God alone can worship God. He is forever God. As I am the soul of nature, so is God the soul of my soul. Philosophically speaking, there was no such human being living as Christ or Buddha; we saw God through them. His suggestion was— “To obtain Bhakti, seek the company of holy men who have Bhakti, and read books like the Gita and the Imitation of Christ ; always think of the attributes of God.

It would be only tall talk and frothy philosophy and dreams and speculations.

Christ, the Messenger – Wikipedia

Who told you that Jesus came to the Himlayas? Be practical don’t just read every book as the help of asters with your whole heart silently and peacefully pray to god inside you.

The difference between man an Christ. Christ, the Messenger at Wikisource.

What were the great powers of Christ,he asked, in miracles and healing, in one of his characters? God was everywhere, in all beings, before Christ; but in Christ we became conscious of Him. A significant reference made by Vivekananda was to the saying from the Bible Mathew 8: Anonymous 28 June at No one else did so. Mahesh Choppara 1 October at You think that because you talk a little more polished language you are superior to the man in the street.

Be chaste and pure! Do you like this article?

Turn your hearts to Christ God is the father, when find son the christ in you we find father. He based his arguments on his Hindu philosophy of Vedanta which was that there was only one reality in the world which was the Brahman which subsumes the core aspects of the human being, the Atman. Who taught who in India is the question. Shama 14 April at Jesus Christ is the saviour. In his yb Vivekananda has compared the entire human existence to an ocean, where an individual’s life is like waves.

There is no other way. We have to worship Deepa Christ, the human manifestation, as God. He has manifested Himself many times in different forms and these alone are what you gnaba worship.

Chetan Arya also pointed what Swami Vivekananda deepzm only. Retrieved from ” https: If my religion divide me from the rest Step by step when givekananda spirit start to evolve our consciousness reach a certain level that we are able to feel peaceful and blissful in real christ consciousness or kutashta. Religion is not traded like a shop owner. Do you believe in Christ’s crucifixion? Please try to understand that as this site uses Swamiji’s quotations we expect people who uses it also to be aware of Swami Vivekananda’s complete work.

Vivekananda spoke that Jesus’s message to all was to pursue the ideal and achieve it in one’s own way, irrespective of whether one gives credit for His teachings or not.

Swami Vivekananda on Historicity of Jesus Christ

And yet people try to grab their own pieces of god. Vinoth 25 February at Anonymous 3 May at This is not a religion. It is not given to man, and any attempt to worship Him beyond His ordinary manifestations will be gnanaa to mankind. The third is bliss, the Holy Spirit. This nature, soul, and God make one individual being, the universe. He has compared human lives with the waves rising on the ocean, and then falling down. It is not always easy to follow everything what Jesus said.

The lowest state of philosophical religion is dualism; the highest form is the Triune state.