Gundam Sentinel is a photonovel series, one of many Gundam side-stories taking place in the Universal Century timeline. Written by veteran Masaya Takahashi. 1 Jan Originating from Gundam Sentinel, the MSA [Bst] PlanE Deep Striker was arguably one of the most powerful mobile suit. Looking for information on the light novel Gundam Sentinel? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world’s most active online anime and manga community and.

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Game depictions range from “very useful” to “better than the Nu Gundam “. Gundam Sentinel took on a much more realistic, technical style of thinking and look at the Gundam universe, where mobile suits gundam sentinel seen more as fighter jets or military weapons.

gundam sentinel


As a result, Bandai abandoned the project with Model Graphixand placed gundam sentinel “pending” status on Gundam sentinel Sentinel.

One Zeta Plus mobile suit is destroyed in the chase and the other, having run out of ammunition destroying one shuttle, safely enters the atmosphere. While Model Graphix would hold the rights to the story, characters, and mobile units, Bandai would have the sole copyright of releasing its models.

Task Force Alpha and a Federation fleet from the Moon attacks the asteroid, forcing most of the rebels to pull out and head for the city, with a small contingent on Pezun providing cover fire and gundam sentinel the base to self-destruct with a nuclear gundam sentinel. Special thanks to Mark Simmons for mobile suit and vehicle profiles. Also, its officers are also a homage to the Shinsengumi officers as well:. This is sentlnel to the fact that Sotsu Agency, the co-owner of the Gundam franchise, did not manage the copyright gundam sentinel enough, during the period of Sentinel’ s concept and creation.

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The three components of the Superior Gundam arrive and Chung sacrifices himself gundam sentinel block a shot from gundzm Zodiac, so Ryou and the others can merge again into the Superior Gundam. In a subversion, the parts do work as planned, but because the unit itself was gutted for cost purposes gundam sentinel out the Full Armor parts’ “Anti-Beam Coating”, for exampleit’s considered an inferior unit to the ZZ.

All members of New Desides are based on The Shinsengumi. Where to find it Bubcus – Mar 1, Sign In Gundam sentinel have an account?

Actually proactive for once! The fighting is spread out over 11 days. This has also created difficulty in gundam sentinel garage kit models for fan modelers to be sold at hobby shows, since the one day copyright release must be obtained from both Bandai and Model Graphixseparately, making costs to gundam sentinel them to become expensive. To accompany their engagement, Axis loans the New Desides a powerful weapon: In gundam sentinel midst of the action, the rebels launch a volley of guided missiles that destroys two cruisers.

The Deep Striker variant of the S Gundam, one of the most in Full Boost ; it has no pilot for reasons which remain vague and unspecified, but presumably ties into the legal gundam sentinel surrounding the two versions of the Gundam Sentinel story. In fact we recommen Edit Manga Information What would semtinel like to edit?

Add this to I have it! In order to intimidate the rebels, Task Force Alpha is equipped with the very latest advanced mobile suit hardware, including a handful of Gundams – the most powerful of which is the MSA S Gundampiloted by 22 year-old pilot Ryou Roots.

The New Desides – which finally meets Aeno’s forces after they arrive – launches a powerful counterattack just as Task Force Alpha drops mobile suits into the area. Char’s Gundam sentinel Gundam F91 Gundam: Gundam Wikia Edit Background No background information has been added gundam sentinel this title.

The now- self-aware mobile suit chases and destroys the New Desides survivors during the orbital descent, but breaks up under the blistering heat. However, after the first few meetings, and with gundam sentinel part of the story and a few of the mechanical designs in place, Bandai began losing interest, due to the anticipation of the release of Mobile Suit Gundam sentinel Then S Gundam explodes in Earth’s atmosphere.

Although Axis is the major threat on the horizon, the Federation decides that this rebellion must be put down. Tropes associated with the Gundam Sentinel are: Overlaps with Punny Name ; in Universal Century, space colonies are grouped gundam sentinel clusters called “Sides” – hence, New Desides gundam sentinel from the words ” de cision” gundam sentinel “dis sid ent”.

Gundam Sentinel – Wikipedia

With only an alternate color version of the FAZZ model released, the fan community started to doubt the authenticity of Sentinel due to the display of a sample model kit at the Japan Hobby Show.

This page was last gundam sentinel on 19 Februaryat Gundam Wars III was also reprinted inbut it only has articles on gundam sentinel model kits, shortening its size to only pages. MechaSci-FiMilitary Authors: The New Desides’ remaining members head for Earth in three shuttles after Aeno surrenders. These radomes would go particularly well with any Sentinel gundam sentinel in your collection. Views Read Edit View history. The series was never animated gundam sentinel a short animated TV commercial for an S Gundam model kit was made or released as manga.

Wanting to hold onto their partnership, Bandai displayed all five of the sample model kits for the Gundam Sentinel line with full descriptions at the Japan Hobby Gundam sentinel. Ejecting the re-entry proof Core Fighter containing Ryou, A. Help improve gundam sentinel database by adding background information here. As a result, Bandai abandoned the project with Model Graphix, putting it on “pending” status.

The rebels, led by Brave Cod, declare themselves the “New Desides” a hybrid of “decision” and “dissident”.