How to clean your boat’s carpets?

How to clean your boat’s carpets?How to clean your boat’s carpets? Your boat is like your home, and to some it may be there only home and who likes to live in a dirty home… no one! Your boat should be your pride and joy not only because it’s a big investment, but it also represents who you are. If you’re like me, a clean boat makes my whole ride much more enjoyable. I can sit back, relax and catch a tan without worrying about how I should’ve cleaned it.

Treat your boat like your baby, babies need a lot of love and attention; they need to be taken care of constantly. Same goes for your boat; taking care and cleaning it should be top priority when becoming a boat owner. This will also help to increase its value especially if you decide to sell or trade your boat in the future.

According this forum If you clean your boat regularly you will avoid long-term problems. I know you can’t prevent everything especially if you use your boat frequently, but you can do what’s best to maintain it. After all, it is your baby right? And I know you’ll do what it takes to keep it looking its best!

The carpet of your boat is probably the only area where it gets pretty worn out. It’s susceptible to spills, leakages, dirty feet, fish drippings, you name it-your carpet takes it all in. So can you imagine not only the look of it, but also the smell?

You should clean your boats carpet twice or three times a year this will help it to look good for years to come.

Here is a step-by-step process that can help you clean your boats carpet. 

All you will need to do this at home is: vacuum, garden hose, bucket, water, vinegar or soap, hard brush, bristle brush and sunlight.

1. Vacuum the carpet to get rid of any loose dirt before you begin. 

2. Mix in a 5-gallon bucket either vinegar & water together or dishwashing soap & water. Vinegar helps to loosen up any remaining dirt and residue.

3. Saturate the carpet thoroughly from the front of the boat to the back using a garden hose. 

4. Use a hard brush to scrub the carpet. This gets rid of all the minerals from the water and stains. 

5. Rinse the area fully. You may have to rinse the carpet a few times to make sure everything is clean.

6. Let it dry.

7. Fluff up the carpet with a bristle brush 

*If you have any remaining stains Resolve carpet cleaner will do the trick of cleaning up stains and dirt areas.

Your carpet should look as new as ever!

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