Find great deals for Sony HVR-S High Definition DV Camcorder. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Sony HVR-S This device is in our compatibility list because it has a “clean output” i.e. no menu information on the sensor output. By understanding what. 22 May The HVR-Z7 and HVR-S camcorders take Sony’s commitment to the HDV format to the next level. Both are based on the same core.

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Additionally, this professional camcorder supports six cassettes hv extended recording. Get access to our latest and featured articles from your favorite authors, wherever you are, directly on your phone!

This is accomplished by using the very popular MPEG-2 compression technique used in many applications, including DVDs and satellite television.

Bundles that include this product. The progressive HDV stream can be output from an i. If you want cleaner images, the Z7 and S offer both -3dB and -6dB gain settings.

Few cameras took advantage of it, and when they did, it was an add-on that hrv not maintain full balanced audio throughout. This camera goes from one job to another with the same great performance and ease of use. Problem if the view finder goes out and can’t just replace it and not helpful if you need to break the camera down for packing in a smaller case. Picture Profiles The cameras offer six sets of custom presets, called Picture Profiles. Professional videographers will appreciate the Carol Zeiss 12x optical zoom lens on this Sony camcorder that operates manually or in auto mode.

Progressive modes yvr playable on older gear; may not yet be accessible in all NLEs. The PD was a great DV camcorder. Compact flash is currently limited to 16GB capacities, yielding about 73 minutes of HDV record time on one card.

The top of the body, underneath the handle, has shot-transition and focus-marking buttons. This significantly enhances shooting in low-light environments. Timecode advances 15 frames after camera power down, i. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Aft of the main controls, the body is fully occupied by a monitor speaker with handy volume dial, a w270 status display, and the four-channel audio control panel, along with a Memory Stick Duo slot for still photo recording. However, it normally requires the combination of all three colour element RGB signals to maximize resolution.

Supported Cameras

This offers customers varying levels of flexibility and hybrid operation which is becoming an important requirement in video production. The unit can play back any selected clip, or repeat the a270 clip or all clips over and over.

Have s70 found it cheaper? It can always produce maximum resolution, regardless of the balance between colour elements, thanks to its unique and sophisticated interpolation technology. This price is hidden from bidders. Display Set — Too many icons displayed in the viewfinder. The camera is incredible and extremely versatile! The result is no such service in Hong Kong. Name the profile; copy it to another profile setting, or reset it to defaults.

CompactFlash card 2GB or bigger, x or faster not supplied File bvr With these two cameras, Sony has clearly indicated that they take HDV seriously as a professional format.

The market jumped on this and started producing w270 and lenses to use with this camcorder. Rated 3 out of 5 by jon from fine solution workhorse for small budget Can shoot both tape and Solid State at same time saves time in editing and allows tape back-up. True, it lacks genlock, TC in, and multicore capability, but on the other hand, an HDTV camcorder with 4 channels of x270 and 4. Offers great low-light capabilities especially important for camera operators who cannot control their ambient lighting, e.

HDV Grows Up: Sony’s HVR-S and HVR-Z7 – I E B A Tech Thoughts

These cameras add true progressive HDV recording modes, recording 30p as 30 frames, and 24p as 24 frames, with no pulldown into interlaced formats. The EVF is housed in an ENG-style housing that adjusts back and forth and side-to-side, and pivots from straight up to straight down. Out of the box the camera looks terrible. Please enter your UK postcode or select different country above. I have been around the block and for the money, this camera kicks Butt!

However, that level of detail is compromised at high gain settings; as gain is increased above 9dB, resolution drops: Much more cost effective than the Century lenses, but not as well coated against internal reflections. Link; the MRC1 does not transcode or downconvert. Lower power consumption than traditional CCD’s.

Both camcorders let you shoot to tape or to CF card, or both at the same time, so you can work with the familiar tape-based workflow or the solid-state file-based workflow as you see fit. While the two cameras are very different in overall packaging, they start with a common element: