13 ITIL Mind Maps: ▫ Service Management as a Practice. ▫ ITIL Service Strategy. ▫ ITIL Service Strategy Processes. ▫ ITIL Service Design. ▫ ITIL Service Design. 17 Aug Surprisingly lot of you people asked for my refreshed ITIL edition mind map. Since you have seen pictures of it in my previous posts, you. 7 Oct I have created a simple mind map for the purpose of my own data organization. I thought that sharing it with a community would be a good idea.

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All About Incident Classification. Thanks 4 the comment!

ITIL Service Management: ITIL Free Mind Map

Danny, teribly sorry itil mind maps v3 the download site was itkl operative. What are the roles and responsibilities? It adds structured data to a basically hectic unstructured For now it is in Mindjet Mind Manager format, if you have trouble viewing it, let me know, I can maybe export it to xml.

Your link is not working anymore. Thanx for reminding me. Mind mapping can help to some extent. Can you provide a new working one? After the second reading, minx start noticing that there even exists a itil mind maps v3 between the graphics and the text in these books. So I have put it for download on this temporary space. This mindmap is a killer!!!

ITIL 2011 Mind Maps

Enter your search terms. Hi, Any closer on that PDF version of the mindmap? Can u please send a simple format of itil V3 mindmap at aswin at thhe ratte gm ai l.

How about exporting a more universal format like PDF? Newer Post Older Post Home. What to do After the Resolution? Torbjorn, I am itll sure what you itil mind maps v3, the map is in mmap format One just has to read carefully.

Posted by doctor at 2: Any chance of downloading the mindmaps in mmap format? There are also additional elements, like s Linking stuff Lijit Search.

How to avoid common mistakes? I have created a simple mind map for the purpose of my own data organization. I took the measure of itil mind maps v3 the content itil mind maps v3 could be problematic as copyright goes. I thought that sharing igil with a community would be a good idea. This is a working copy, and will be upgraded regularly. I’m using freemind but it seems it does not know how to open mmap files.

Still, a lot of public info and my own graphics are left inside. Anyway, if you really want it, send me an email ltil ITSMdoc monkeyhere gmail.

ITIL Mind Maps – PDF Drive

Memorizing and putting things in a perspective can be difficult when grasping such a broad scope. I have read most of it, and I was overwhelmed with new slang, archetypes, processes, acronyms. Especially if it is fully expanded then you have those tiny letters and it is simply not pretty. Alternatively, I have put these docs here: Incident classification is among the main tasks of Service Itil mind maps v3 1st tier people.

So here are the five new core books. There is a lot of stuff in the new V3 core books.