View and Download Kenwood TM-V71A instruction manual online. / MHz FM Dual Bander / MHz FM Dual Bander. TM-V71A Car Receiver pdf. TM-V71A – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Compact TM-V71A /E Mini-manual. Covers both USA and Euro versions of the radio. Size, x8 inches. Sixteen high-quality laminated pages, loaded with.

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This can be useful if you need to confirm the frequency stored in named Memory channels. If the fuse blows, determine the cause, then correct the problem. You don’t know the repeater owner, so the call sign is less useful.

I kenwoov it daily and am very happy with it. If newly installed fuses continue to blow, disconnect the power cable and contact your authorized Kenwood dealer or an authorized Kenwood service center for assistance.


Display Description Setting Values No. Kensood my radio would automatically send a dead carrier all by itself for upwards of 10 minutes! EchoLink allows you to communicate with other amateur radio stations over the internet, using VoIP voice-over-IP technology. This transceiver is no exception. I rate a five. Enter text from picture: You can send messages or commands to far away stations, obtain a variety of information via your local bulletin boards, or enjoy other Packet applications.

There are a few repeaters in the areas I kenwopd that have a different transmit and receive tones on purpose.

Kenwood TMV71A Product Reviews

The biggest disadvantage I have found is the inability to program separate tones for Tx and Rx. You can choose one of the following modes. The EchoLink software program allows worldwide connections to be made kehwood stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing your communications capabilities.

External Speaker Configuration This transceiver has two speaker jacks for external speakers, as well as an internal speaker. I didn’t get the as I don’t need APRS right now, but like the fact that I can always upgrade the faceplate and obtain that functionality. Manuxl function is useful, for example, when you want to control the mobile from a location outside your vehicle.

Transmitting a Hz Tone Most repeaters in Europe require that a transceiver transmit a Hz tone. To download the MCP-2A software, go to: I mounted mine on the center console between the HVAC controls and stereo.

Refer to the table below Functions the same as [REV] [C]: You may find it useful when you cannot recall the DCS code that the other persons in your group are using. Manual is not so good. Page 33 n Microphone Keypad character Entry The microphone keys can also be used to enter characters.

I’ve had my TM-V71A for 2 years now.

Kenwood TM-V71A Instruction Manual

The channels are grouped as follows: Front Panel Orientation This transceiver allows you to change the orientation of the front panel. Repeaters are typically located on mountain tops or other elevated locations.

I can put it in and out of cross band repeat and even change frequencies and a whole lot more. We recommend using SPB speakers. Page 61 You can also select a DCS code by using the microphone: Appears when there is an operation band available.

It is also possible to program [] on the front panel as a PF key for transmitting a Hz tone.

kenwkod Page 11 2 After the cable is in place, wind heat-resistant tape around the fuse holder to protect it from moisture. There are a few minuses but not enough to drop my score to a 4, the most being the cost of the Kenwood remote mount kit. You can send messages Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Kenwood TM-V71A /E Mini-Manual

My only gripes are that two of the radios have PTT button issues and none are even a year old yet. I was up and running in literally 10 min without reading the manual. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.

The other is used as a base station. Page 30 Menu Default Ref. Becoming comfortable with all types of Scan will increase your kenwoos efficiency.