Airport Directory – Plates – LSGG – GENEVE | RocketRoute LSGG – GENEVE plates LSGG AERODROME OBSTACLE CHART – TYPE A – RWY VFR Chart of LSGG. IFR Chart of LSGG. Location Information for LSGG. Coordinates: N46°’ / E6°’ View all Airports in Genève. Geneva International Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG), formerly known as Cointrin Geneva Operation Manual FRENCH · De-icing Procedures GVA · Charts.

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Geneva Cointrin International Airport

N 45 27 Night ban regulations 2. All area forecast charts available lzgg. N 45 15 Wing tip clearance for an ACFT with 65 m wingspan is 10 m.

At ft or above, set course in accordance with the allocated SID. All persons walking on the movement area incl. For commercial air transport, except taxi FLTs, the handling agents are: Crews may request its activation by contacting ATC. South parking sectors 95, D, A, B, C, Satellites 20, 30, 40, positions 1 to 11, positions 61 to 66, positions 71 to 76, positions 83, Oxygen and related servicing.

LDG clearance will be issued only if touchdown will occur before the night ban.

The use of the airborne APU is forbidden at these stands, except: N 46 03 Simultaneous hover operations on HEL stands are not allowed. The transponder shall be switched off immediately after parking.

LSGG : Cointrin International Airport : OpenNav aviation database

Geneva CTR 2 arcs of circle as follows and tangents joining the arcs externally: Lsyg 46 E 51 Pilots should be fully ready for a rapid line-up in sequence in accordance with ATC instructions. Restricted coverage published procedures covered: PPR availability on http: N 46 21 E 58 E 26 Towing costs will be charged to the operator.

In all cases, the ACFT rotating beacon shall be operated during the push-back procedure. Fuelling with passengers on board Reference: E 15 E 35 N 45 59 N 46 14 N 46 20 N 45 58 Box CH Geneva 15 Lsggg. DEPs from to to are only permitted provided: Apron surface and strength.

LSGG – Geneve Airport | SkyVector

Scheduled air traffic and charter FLTs are subject to schedule coordination performed by Slot Coordination Switzerland. ATS unit call sign Language s.

Hangar space available for visiting aircraft. E 01 Permission to operate during the night ban is only granted in exceptional circumstances. N 45 52 When passing ft but not before D8 GVA, turn right. Home-based carriers can transport their own crew members. Airport Duty Manager Tel: Request for AUTH has to include: Type of landing forecast.