The Akashic Brotherhood are perhaps among the most esoteric of the Traditions in the Council of Nine. Deeply influenced by Asian concept of. Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension). Home · Tradition Book: Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts (Mage: The Ascension) · Read more. The Akashic Brotherhood Tradition book for Mage: The Ascension is now Members of the Scales of the Dragon Sect, the Brotherhood’s foot soldiers in the .

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One must remain calm and polite when dealing with beings from the Celestial Realms. Their plans, passed down from Sensei to Sensei for countless generations, are locked deep inside the minds of master Mind Mages, where no one else can get at them. Akasshic in doing so, they promote the very violence that their teachings despise. Parole Officer — Everyone deserves second chances.

The Wizards even practice their own martial art separate from Do.

Disagreement thrives within this Tradition as well as it does within the others. Each life is just a step on the greater wheel of Drahma until the individual releases himself from the chains that he forged with his own beliefs and desires. The Doist calls upon the amazing concentration of the mind to keep her alert to situations that are just beyond barriers passed through. The exercises of living give a soul the chance to experience the universe in manifold forms, and so the individual should take this opportunity to gain insight by developing a harmony with the All.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Their mastery over Mind also makes them fearsome opponents even outside of a brawl. Martial training continues into weapon forms [Melee].

Office Den Mother — Grotherhood really knows the answer to everything but one thing they do know is that they can ask you for help. Carrying Water and Chopping Wood As centered as their philosophy is on individuality, Akashic teachers believe that young practitioners must find their own path to Ascension, which often proves very frustrating for young mages. No one outside the Brotherhood knows for sure. These plans may come to a climax next week, or ten millennia from now.

The Doist must be alert [Alertness] and contemplative [Meditation] and must understand the limits of the human body [Medicine].

Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension) – PDF Free Download

Here’s some supplementary material on our martial mage friends. Email required Address never made public. Akashic Brother is simply a title for someone who studies the ways of Akasha, and it is intended to carry no gender bias. Unfortunately, it nrotherhood just this attachment to the lower classes that wound up doing the most damage to the Akashic Brotherhood.

Akashics are renowned for their self-control, and they retain a certain poise in the face of tremendous pressure. They study the sutras [Cosmology, Enigmas, Occult] to learn how manipulation of the environment occurs outside of the boundaries of the physical realm.

Subtlety and Zen-like calm are among the Brotherhood’s strengths, but they are also a great weakness. As monists, the Jnani hope to reconcile brotheerhood consciousness of the skashic with the Avatar which they term the “Buddha-Mind”.

Rotes Inherited from the Sects The following are rotes that have been passed down or have migrated from the four Sects discussed here. Rather, it is an appeal to simplification, the removal of unnecessary objects and desires so that one can focus on grasping the natural harmony of the universe. Many of the Akashic Brotherhood find a new way to teach people to appreciate the virtues of their philosophy through alternative, non-esoteric means.

Sample Characters Inner City Boxing Trainer — Having grown up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, nobody expected you to grow up to be anything. When a Storyteller calls for characters to react automatically to a situation due to emotional trauma, such as indicating that everyone is stunned with revulsion at the sight of a bloody scene of occult sacrifices, the player of brotheryood Akashic Brother may make a Simple test.

Many Common people adopted Brotherhood beliefs in everyday life. Martial arts and exercises perfected the body while rigorous disciplines, chants and prayers cleansed the mind. This impact can be used to disarm, paralyze or kill.

Their methodology of self-mastery and understanding allows them a greater potential to comprehending the secrets of the Mind. Akashics study and pray to cleanse their minds of distractions and expand the realms of possibility. The aptly named Warring Fists thus fight a constant war against the elements they hold repugnant. However, Do is more than just a fantastically deadly fighting style and physical akshic.

Members of the Blue Skin Sect are the rarest and most protected of the Akashic ranks; the Brotherhood considers those following this path of Do to be the most likely to achieve Ascension. Large fangs sprouted from his mouths, from both upper and lower jaws. While crossing the forested mountains of Tibet for brotherohod without food or water, Akashhic Skin Brother Chang Ming came upon an Oracle performing a walking meditation.

These first Akashics taught of a way of life centered around personal accomplishment instead of material gain or temporal power, and they recruited others who saw the deeper wisdom in their deceptively simple ways. The balance between mind and body, motion and stillness, was disturbed, and the ones who would become Akashic Brothers retreated into mountains, caves and forests to continue their study of balance through Do. When the individual does not resist the universe but moves within, he embraces his nature.

Warrior Monks, Temple Guards, and Sacred Assassins, they have withdrawn from the corrupt outer world to perfect their minds, bodies, and souls through meditation, exercise, and ritual self-denial.

Although many modern Shi-Ren do not honestly believe that msge return, to Imperial China is possible, they do feel that it’s important for the Brotherhood to maintain a stake in modern politics and culture. Sign In Don’t have an account? The Akashic Brotherhood is not made up of Shaolin priests only; neither does it exclude Caucasians or any other group. The Doist can apply this effect against multiple targets by dividing the successes between each attacker two against the first and one against the second, for example.

Each Sect has secret hand signs in addition to those used by the Brotherhood as a whole, and the Sects often withhold knowledge of their mystick teachings from each other. The Akashic Brotherhood are perhaps among the most esoteric of the Traditions in the Council of Nine.

It seems that their faction in the Brotherhood will remain a rather disparate part, forced by circumstance kage bow to the greater weight of the Brotherhood in the Traditions. All Akashics thus study Do in some manner, be it through difficult martial arts, internal questing or quiet meditation. Legend has it that the greatest and most powerful Node points accessed by the Brotherhood Xiudaoyuan Chantries are also hidden.

They stress the teaching of history and the roots of the Brotherhood; many have Pattern Essences.