Playful Yoga Poses to Practice with a Partner

Playful Yoga Poses to Practice with a PartnerYoga offers lots of benefits like giving you mental peace, calmness, help with curing any disease and even healing your body, mind and soul. Yoga has always been associated as a solo practice and not many know that you can practice yoga with a partner.

In fact, partner yoga or AcroYoga (as it’s a combination of acrobatics and yoga) helps build trust between you and your partner while developing your lower-body and core strength. Here are some playful yoga poses you can try out with your partner to reap its benefits.

  1. The Bound Angle Pose is where you sit back against back with your partner while bending your knees and placing your soles together. While keeping your backs straight, one partner bends forward and the other, leans backwards with his/her back resting on her partner’s back. The position is held for a few seconds and then changed.
  1. The Double Plank requires a lot of core strength. It starts with the taller partner in a plank on the bottom with palms under shoulders, straight legs and engaged core. The top partner then faces the partner’s feet and steps across the partner’s hips.

Both palms are securely placed on the base’s ankles and then one foot is stepped at a time onto the base’s shoulders. The pose is held for 3-5 breathes and then the top partner slowly steps down, one foot at a time. If possible, the pose can be repeated vice versa.

  1. In the Temple Pose, you stand facing your partner and start folding forth at the hips to touch your partner’s hands. Keep folding forth till your forearms, elbows and hands rest against each other, hold the position for a few breaths and then return to the first position.
  1. The Breathing Pose is more meditative in manner where you sit back-to-back with your partner with legs crossed and eyes closed. As this is a ‘breathing’ pose, you breathe in while your partner breathes out and you feel your partner’s inhaling and exhaling breathing sensation. Remember, you don’t see your partner; you only feel the breathing sensation.
  1. The Double Boat is great for strengthening your core and improving balance. Sit facing each other with bent knees, soles touching together and hands placed behind you to stabilize and lift your legs to the sky. With an engaged core, lift the heart to the sky while keeping your back straight all the time. Release after holding the position for 3-5 breaths.

Playful Yoga PosesThese are a few poses you can perform with your partner the next time you perform yoga and reap its benefits!

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