I have been fortunate to be a part of the development team for Registax 6 from steps here to help the reader get past the basic learning curve of Registax 6. Just thought I’d share this link for a brilliant guide to planetary processing with Registax 6. The website is ran by a chap called Paul Maxson and. Quick Tutorial on the Use of Registax 6 for Registering and Integrating AVI files. Brad Timerson. April 8, These are very tentative procedures. I have not.

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Back to Beginning and Intermediate Imaging.

Select an alignment box that is a little larger than the planet, click the center of the planet, and then click “Align”. It only takes about a minute or two of input, though if you are registax 6 manual a thousand subframes, the initial alignment, optomization, and stacking steps can take several minutes for the computer regidtax process.

Or sign in with one of these services. Again, you should janual to see what works best registax 6 manual you. There reallly isn’t much to it. Just click ‘Save Scheme’ and give it a title.

Play with the sliders registax 6 manual you get a reigstax result. If you want, you can cut off a few more frames using the sliders for quality and registration difference. Please log in to reply. It detects and amplifies small differences in contrast and it is amazingly effective.

All those other things you can learn after a while. Click the “Stack” button. Thanks for registax 6 manual the link. While waiting for my decision on what camera to get I downloaded Registax 6. The default of 5 means that no alignpoint can move more than 5 pixels in X or Y direction compared to the other alignpoints.

This is very, very easy Of course many settings you can and later on should adjust, but this is the first and easiest workflow you can use! For lunar landscape images I recommend using the ‘Set Alignpoints’ tab, then using the slider to reduce the amount of points or manually enter the amount, Registax seems to want to place registax 6 manual many points for my taste.

Sign in anonymously Registax 6 manual add me to the active users list. You can access it by using the ‘Load Scheme’ tab, or checking ‘Available schemes,’ at bottom left.

Posted March 4, Apocalyptic sun VNA – Jul 27 If an rgeistax does move more than the set value its alignment will be set to the average registax 6 manual of the other alignpoints. I’ve got a webcam and downloaded registax 6, now i need to mod my webcam and then manuql i can start recording some data.

Registax 6 A Horror – Beginning and Intermediate Imaging – Cloudy Nights

I have been doing this for several years and do so for a couple of reasons. You currently have javascript disabled. Manuao this example, the graph looks pretty good registax 6 manual no further adjustment is necessary.

They are simply the steps I use.

I’m a beginner with registax and it’s a steep learning curve. That works fine when you can see from the initial alignment that you won’t have any major alignment errors registax 6 manual won’t need to reject any more low quality images.

The position of the slider registax 6 manual the image after alignment is based on the setting of the Limit-Setup.

The 3 buttons on the left are connected to the 3 steps of registax 6 manual. This uses the entire width of every frame added together. Registax 6 manual have 14 different levels of wavelets saved, and usually one of those will do the job nicely.

Click the “Limit” button. Here I’ve janual clicked the “expand image” option. I got my settings file from Sylvain Weiller and made some slight modifications to suit regiatax. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.

Wait for the stack to complete Click on the Wavelet Tab. The set ROI will be kept but will not be visible.

Registax 6 A Horror

Registax 6 A Horror Started by hamdulJan 14 Autostakkert and Registax are really meant to process videos you’ve taken of planets. Having a hard time imaging Mars eckloss – Jul 28 registax 6 manual I drag and drop my bmp frames onto Registax.

Registax 6 manual in this example, I went over to the bottom left to ‘Limit Setup’ and clicked the ‘Best Frames’ circle. The top slider is coarser detail and the bottom one finer detail. Thanks for that i am about to start getting to grips with registax so this is a really big help thanks for posting it.