As its name implies, Making Plant Medicine is all about using herbs to create In the newest fourth edition, beloved Oregon herb farmer Richo Cech shares. Making Plant Medicine has ratings and 18 reviews. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* said: (also posted on my site The Paperback Stash)Cech writes a book . Richo Cech, Plant Whisperer and Author of “The Medicinal Herb Grower” . to clasp to her breast, like a yearning mother, a shade garden of her own making.”.

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Although it is meant for western USA, there is a lot richo cech making plant medicine crossover to the eastern part of the country. While saying it’s perfectly fine to make tinctures in the ‘simplers manner’ – and he explains how to do this – his reasons for making consistent batches with measurements for continued accuracy and control makes perfect sense.

Written in ecch straight forward, down to earth, and enthusiastic manner, it’s hard not to get excited about herbs all over again when you read the stories of Richo and his family, their adventures richo cech making plant medicine the herbs, and how complex our plants and bodies really are.

Plus, we were able to wean ourselves largely from using synthetic allergy medicines. It should last for about 7 years if stored out of sunlight and in a cool location.

Lee rated it really liked it Oct 24, The book contains specific ratios of solutions for many herbs and the generally accepted ratios to use for herbs not listed. Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Do yourself a favor and Friend him on Facebook. Herbal Reference Guides I have yet to find one book richo cech making plant medicine will cover every herb that I want to study.

“Making Plant Medicine” by Richo Cech | I Just Gotta Share…

Enjoy life without the burden of seasonal and animal allergies! But of course that’s not all. Strain the tincture through stainless steel strainer lined with cheesecloth or muslin. If I am identifying a new plant, I will look at multiple field guides.

Making Plant Medicine

Richo placed his seeds accordingly, and now is the proud steward of thriving five year-old mandrakes. If you would like to make a tincture yourself, it naking very easy and can save you quite a bit of money, especially if you wild harvest the herb instead of buying it. It is considered rare and difficult to grow. I like to collect the richo cech making plant medicine parts while the vital energy is rising; so they are actively growing but before they go to seed.

Roots are best harvested while all the vital energy is most concentrated within them. Want to Read saving…. Liz rated it it was amazing May 14, Rarely, do I ever simply look at one resource for anything. Richo Chech somehow managed to stuff the teqnique and strengths for preparing teas, tinctures, poltice, medlcine, compress, and baths into a fairly compact paperback!

Jan 07, Mary rated it richo cech making plant medicine was amazing.


After weeks, strain out herbs and add fresh chopped up leaves and flowers to the menstruum to make it stronger. Feb 06, Tracy rated it it was amazing. Part one of the book is a pleasure to read. Richo cech making plant medicine about my favorite herbs makes this book priceless.

Making Plant Medicine 4. It is always a task best done with humility and respect, and as such may require a considerable amount of patience. I was inspired all over again to study deeper into chemistry and to richo cech making plant medicine know herbal constitutes and their actions.

Wait a total of 6 weeks.

They are simply my most beloved books and websites; the ones I reach for most often. Amber bottles work well to protect the quality of the tincture from sunlight. By the third year this was still happening!

This year my husband and I were literally saved from allergy hell by Goldenrod Solidago spp. Shanna Brady rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Please share and I will continue to update this list meedicine new resources find there way into my heart and library.

However, richo cech making plant medicine favorite part is where he breaks it down by herbs and provides a concise reference, outlining when and what to harvest and appropriate usage. Making Plant Medicine brought some herbs to my attention for a current condition in at least one of my children, of which I am grateful.

Makong Si rated it it was amazing Feb ricgo, I like to collect the aerial parts while the vital energy is rising, so as they are actively growing but before they go to seed.