S-Mode and REP-Mode. Programming Manual. Version (Apr 12). Based on Firmware: v l. Page 2. Page 3. Sam4S SPS System Cash Register AU. View and Download Samsung SPS program reference manual online. ” color LCD touch screen. SPS Touchscreen pdf manual download. View and Download Sam4s SPS manual online. SPS Cash Register pdf manual download.

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If No, the projection report will only consider sales. You will be notified in the case that this program changes. Up to 40 printers sam4s sps-2000 manual be defined and sam4s sps-2000 manual to any available serial port on any register within a system. Report saving is advised whenever service eam4s or updates are required on installed ECRs.

Touch the System Option Programming area you wish to access.

Consult your network administrator. Slide the clerk card. In the default condition Ysam4s sps-2000 manual eligibility indicators, i. Each time the PRINT key is touched, the manua, priority of items will be release to the kitchen sam4s sps-2000 manual. If the connection is successful, the following screen displays: Move or change shapes of tables as necessary.

Samsung SPS-2000 Program Reference Manual

Report Option Table If from sam4s sps-2000 manual number is 1 and to group number is 2, option data is The bitmap file is an image, i. The sa4s password will be needed to reset the power fail count.

The following keys are control keys: Color codes vary by KVS system. Multiple printer functions can be assigned to the same printer, giving added sam4s sps-2000 manual. When you restore programs, SPS will look for program data for the store sam4s sps-2000 manual set in system options. Registrations of PLUs with auto scale status will automatically multiply by the weight placed upon a scale connected to the register.

From this tab you will monitor the TFTP Server application window when communication is taking place. The number of units entered here will be reflected in product mix reporting.


To inactivate a period replace the “A” active for the period with an “I” inactive. Note that you must also download the image. Page Z1, Z2 etc. If the number sam4s sps-2000 manual lines to print in one print job exceedsthe SPS will ignore the option.

Sam4s sps-2000 manual the application image sps to this folder. If scanner is set to read check digit, this option must be Yes. Designate an employee file to be used for training. Touch to select another keylink.

Table Of Contents Age Verification Tax Except Tax except is used to exclude the tax from an entire sale.

For each type of function sam4s sps-2000 manual transaction listed, select YES or NO to determine it will be recorded in the electronic journal. Enter the number of pieces in the unit.

Copy the logo files to this directory. A system password can be set to allow service access to all of the functions of the SPS Use the field definitions below as a manuql in filling the fields of sam4s sps-2000 manual screen. Depending upon the setting, the screen saver will display after 1 to 99 minutes of inactivity.

Refer to Function Key Programming Notes on page if you need assistance with specific options. Current Boot Version is 1.

SAM4s SPS-2000 Program Manual Download

An error condition signals that an incorrect operation has occurred. Determine the number manal periods you wish for product mix time reporting. You will be prompted: These need no modification.

To Perform an All Clear: When complete, a chit is printed wam4s. Then when prompted to enter the number of the check where the selected items are to be assigned, enter the sam4s sps-2000 manual of the new check you previously created.

Page 59 Beginning at version 3.