Street Smarts has ratings and 85 reviews. Erwin said: Excellent. Couldn’t put it down. Jim Rogers best thinking distilled.I’ve been a fan of Rogers. 18 Mar If you’re not familiar with Jim Rogers’ Hot Commodities, Adventure a fan of this maverick commodities investor, Street Smarts: Adventures on. 23 Jun Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets is a book by Jim Rogers on his own life and why he is betting on Asia, especially.

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He frequently took contrary positions to the rest of the market.

Oct 27, Siddharth rated it really liked it. His blog has street smarts jim rogers and concise thoughts. It is from these travels that smarrts rejects the efficacy of lumping Brazil, Russia, India, and China together for investment analysis.

He remarried a third time, and is still married today. Jim Rogers best thinking distilled. Require federal legislators to govern from home rather than Washington DC.

There are countless stories of very successful people who failed once, twice, three times, and then came back. He discusses why America and the European Union are in decline, and what we need to do to right our robers and society.

Below are some tips and thoughts street smarts jim rogers his new book, Street Smarts:.

Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets

It was a revolutionary notion, and it took a revolution to make it real. He spent long hours learning in school and on Wall Street.

The French, in order to abide the contract, were the first to institute phony bookkeeping. Rogers, an street smarts jim rogers fan of China, lives in Singapore with his wife and two young daughters, both of whom speak Mandarin.

Jim Rogers’ ‘Street Smarts’

Concentrate on what you know. You might be inspired to literally ride a motorcycle around the world, observing and learning about the planet earth atreet doing so. Well, we are not that country anymore. The author tells about his travels and experiences and he sounds like he’s had a thrilling life and Street smarts jim rogers been inspired to make some changes to mind.

A stock that might have gone down to 3 goes down only to, say, 8. Adventures on the Road and in the Markets Crown Business, is a fast, if sometimes snarky read.

From Smart to Wise. Rogers always had a restless curiosity to experience and understand the world around rogwrs. The stock goes from 20 to Nov 15, Dmitri Pavlov rated it liked it. Cotton, by contrast, is pretty straightforward. It adds liquidity as well as stability. There’s a bit where he worries about overworking his children with hours rovers homework and not letting them play enough, compared to the American school system that street smarts jim rogers have any homework for second graders Bogle and Jim Rogers.

In this one he comes across a bit cranky and doomsdayish, but he has great perspective, tons of experience and an engaging writing style. Oh and America is a mess so if you are street smarts jim rogers you should just get out of dodge.


Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets by Jim Rogers

Rogers offers surprising and provocative observations on how the world works, and what trends he sees in the future. And the stock goes to where it would have gone anyway. Many street smarts jim rogers think Rogers comes off as arrogant and disrespectful.

Read it Forward Read it first. He used his retirement to teach some business classes at Colombia for fun. He has written numerous best selling books on his adventures, investing and other wisdom.