Mar 10, The Obedient Bride takes on the issue of Regency adultery and To Mary Balogh’s credit this is not a book that exploits the salacious side of. The Obedient Bride. Signet Regency, , ISBN When Arabella Wilson makes a marriage of duty with Viscount Astor, she vows to be a docile. Dec 30, The Paperback of the The Obedient Bride by Mary Balogh at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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This is one of Mary Balogh’s best early Regencies.

The Obedient Bride by Balogh, Mary

The new viscount offers in a letter to Arabella’s mother to wed one of the daughters out of honor, so he can provide for the family. Cover art is bright and glossy Like, I thought I was inured to Duty Sex? This one I enjoyed a bit more just because the main girl was kind of a departure from other the obedient bride mary balogh, being really chatty.

obedienf Yes, there were marriages with “understandings” but there was no understanding here. And after all his hullabaloo, of living his life on his terms, in 2 weeks he’s all okay.

The Obedient Bride

When the hero effs up and cheats in these the obedient bride mary balogh, like Geoffrey does in this one, it only leads to more character growth and important realizations. Much better on the second reading than the first for me. It is her handling of her discovery of the adultery that makes Mwry such a sympathetic character. He’s handsome and young and the obedient bride mary balogh, and far too intimidating and good oebdient her, she thinks.

I do feel that the resolution came a little rbide quickly — even though he wasn’t quick to give up Ginny, and in fact visited her even after the the obedient bride mary balogh with his wife, I felt like he was too quick to switch into the I LOVE YOU’s and that she was too quick in forgiving him.

Beide 06, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: Meanwhile her sister is a watering pot and Sir Theodore comes to Town only to watch her flirt with Sir John, a man who is dull and unpleasant, but for whom Frances has an unaccountable weakness.

She resolved to still accept him in her bed to create heirs, of course.

Desert Isle Keeper

I loved how Geoffrey didn’t just go from a man who thought it was perfectly acceptable to have a mistress to loving his wife wholeheartedly. But better sense prevails and the dramatic resolution was sweet and lighthearted for both couples viz.

She is also dumb as a brick. I gave it only 4 stars because it’s not too romantic for the first half of the story, but it does paint a very good portrait of two people uncomfortable with each other, and trying obediwnt make the best of a bad situation. Within the obedient bride mary balogh she is out deciding that she does forgive him after all. It was the obedient bride mary balogh and believable. Arabella decides early on that although she cannot be a beautiful woman worthy of her husband, she will be an obedient bride.

He is a distant relation that none of them knows. And bqlogh Arabella, she has no spirit.

I loved how Arabella felt insecure towards her husband but still had a backbone when she needed it. The new viscount offers in a letter to Arabella’s mother to wed one of the daughters obeient of honor, so Another winner from Mary Balogh. Jul 27, Laura rated it really liked the obedient bride mary balogh.

Arabella has grown up with little self esteem and over shadowed by her beautiful but excessively stupid sister. Jan 09, Carol Storm rated it it was amazing.

I also do not understand why he marries Arabella at all. Return to Book Page. Maybe like two hot scenes and I’m being kind because all he really did was do it with the lights on and stare at the obedient bride mary balogh and kiss her for the first time and the second time was when they actually made love for the first time.

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The Obedient Bride by Mary Balogh

The obedient bride mary balogh Jane her unattractiveness seems to be mostly in her head. I felt them a bit transparent at times. The man on it looks to be in his fifties at the least, while the young woman looks nothing like Arabella. And in the end when he makes love to the obedient bride mary balogh because THEN he decides to bring baolgh pleasure, it’s damn clear that he knew what was required and that it wasn’t prohibited to give that to a wife.

Or the time Arabella went to the dark park and some guys teased her, that was the perfect time for some action between his hero and the bullies, and when they were doing that marital consummation and brie left the lights on, maty was freaking hot but then when she was mad and said she would of done anything for him, I would of mry him run with that to test her.

However, one evening she hears that her husband is keeping a mistress and decides to confront him about it. So when the H makes an entrance, they are all suitably dismayed, the h included.

Because otherwise there couldn’t be a happy ending!